Best Bluetooth Speakers Under ₹3,000 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Bluetooth speakers are essential for immersive movie experiences or playing music during parties. The quality of a movie automatically increases and becomes more enjoyable when there are good Bluetooth speakers at home. They produce better bass and vocals as compared to the in-built audio device of your television or laptop. 

Through this article, we have tried to provide you with all the important information required to buy the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. The budget mentioned is important as it will determine the quality and the features included in a speaker.


Bluetooth speakers tend to cost less than soundbars or home theatre systems. Hence, they make a great choice of equipment to listen to music or watch something. 

Top 15 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under ₹3000 in 2021

1. AGARO Reloaded Bluetooth Speaker

AGARO Reloaded Bluetooth Speaker Best Bluetooth Speakers Under ₹3000

After much research, we have ranked the Agaro Bluetooth speaker as the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. This speaker has a plastic body that is rounded around the corners covered with a textured cloth. The two bass speakers in the Agarao speakers deliver an output of 10 watts. This bass is loud, crystal clear, and of superior-quality. 

With a Bluetooth range of 10m, this speaker delivers sound to a great distance for you to dance and groove to. It has a built-in microphone that allows you to converse over the speaker even when your phone is not around. While the main method of connectivity is via Bluetooth, there is also provision made for TF card and AUX cable. 

The speaker boasts a massive 2500 mAh battery that functions for 14 hours on a single charge. The best part about this speaker, however, is the fact that it is waterproof, so you can carry it with you in the drizzling rain to enjoy some music. 


  • Rich sound provided by two bass woofers
  • 10 m Bluetooth range
  • 2500 mAh battery backup
  • IPX7 rated


  • Loss of clarity at some points

2. boAt Stone Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone Bluetooth Speaker

Boat has become a popular brand in the industry due to its pocket-friendly speakers and earphones that are also of great quality. This 14W Bluetooth speaker is available in black and it has a cylindrical shape. It comes with a 14 W RMS stereo output with a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz. 

The speaker is backed by a 3000 mAh battery that allows the speaker to function for 8 hours on a single charge. It is IPX5 approved and resistant to water, dust, and shock. A microphone is provided for conversing without your smartphone. A handle is provided at the top, which makes it easy to carry around.  

The weight distribution and the compact size of the speaker make it easily portable. In addition to all this, Boat provides a 1-year warranty on the speaker. If you face any issue, you must contact their customer care service and you will receive the required help. 


  • Ideal for parties and other occasions
  • Highly portable
  • Waterproof and dust-resistant
  • Supports wired and wireless means of connectivity


  • Takes a long time to charge

3. JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is another American brand that provides tough competition to all the other brands known for their audio equipment. This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 to come with an integrated carabiner to carry the speaker around wherever you go. The compact and lightweight nature of the speaker makes it extra portable.

However, what will amaze you the most is the great sound, as high as 10w produced by this small equipment. The IPX7 certification guarantees the water-resistant feature of the JBL speaker. Even when you take it to the poolside or in the rain, the water will not affect the sound quality of the speaker. 

The strong battery backup ensures that the speaker runs continuously for 10 hours without any disturbance. It is available in 7 colors that include black, blue, white, green, and more. All of them belong to different price ranges. We have reviewed the black JBL speaker in this section. 


  • 1-year warranty provided
  • Amazing after-sales service
  • Highly portable, due to the clip mechanism of the speaker
  • Waterproof 


  • Battery backup is not that great

4. boAt Stone SpinX Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone SpinX Bluetooth Speaker

Here, we have yet another Bluetooth speaker from Boat Stone that boasts 360-degree woofers. This ensures that music reaches individuals in every direction around the speaker. You can place the speaker in between a circle of friends and family and experience the music from all sides. For this reason, this speaker is considered to be ideal for college students.

This one is a 12-watt speaker and hence quite powerful. If you are planning to play music at a party, this speaker is equipped with enough bass and audio, to be eligible for such a party. On a single charge, the speaker lasts for about 8 hours at a stretch. The speaker is resistant to water and dust and hence, is ideal to be carried around while traveling. 

Even when your speaker is out of charge, you can use it by turning it into a wired speaker with the 3.5 mm AUX port on the back. It takes about 2-2.5 hours to charge. This long period taken for charging is probably the only drawback that you will face with the speaker. It is available in a total of 5 colors which include blue, charcoal black, cobalt blue, granite grey, and aurora green. 


  • Sound distribution in all direction
  • Battery backup for 8 hours
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Superior-quality build


  • Slightly flat bass

5. Infinity Fuze Wireless Speaker

Infinity Fuze Wireless Speaker

Infinity is a subsidiary brand of JBL and this clearly reflects on the great quality and performance of the speakers that they manufacture. The Infinity Fuze wireless speaker is quite compact in size and produces sound as powerful as 15 watts. It uses the Bluetooth v4.2 version that easily connects the speaker to any gadget like a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. 

With powerful bass, the sound produced by the speaker is clear and loud. You can even use the Dual Equalizer feature to adjust the bass as per your liking. This can be done by pressing the volume up and down button and the bass will be adjusted accordingly. It has a 10 hours battery backup. 

Certification from the IPX7 guarantees that this speaker is resistant to water to the extent that even if you submerge the speaker into a pool, it causes no harm. You can access the smart assistant on this speaker by double-pressing the power button.

Once this is done, any questions can be asked to the smart assistant. The variety of colors in which the speaker is available and the generous 1-year warranty offered, makes this one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000


6. Portronics Breeze Bluetooth Speaker

Portronics Breeze Bluetooth Speaker

Portronics is a lesser-known company but offers the most powerful speaker in the market. The Portronics Breeze Bluetooth speaker is a specimen of their excellence. It has been built in a cylindrical shape with a  20 watts power rating that is a lot more compared to the speakers made by many popular brands like JBL. 

It weighs 700 gms and is quite large for a portable Bluetooth speaker. Hence, it cannot be carried around like other speakers. With no handle provided for this speaker, portability becomes an even bigger problem.  

Setting aside this drawback, we can focus on the many plus points of the speaker, which includes an  8-hour power backup. There is a control menu on the back of the speaker that will allow you to change the volume, change tracks, turn the Bluetooth on/off, check the battery backup. This speaker is available in only one color and that is black. 

A 1-year warranty is provided on the Portronics Breeze Bluetooth speaker and during this period, the company can be contacted to address any service-related issues.  


  • Loud and powerful sound
  • Long-lasting battery
  • TWS functioning supported
  • Ideal for both wired and wireless connectivity
  • Elegant and classy design


  • Rating is average

7. Zoook Rocker Bluetooth Speaker

Zoook Rocker Bluetooth Speaker

We have the most powerful speaker on the list and that is the Zoook Rocker Bluetooth speaker. While the brand might be unheard of, the ratings and customer reviews show how efficient this device is in terms of quality, performance, and pricing. It has a 30 watts capacity to produce sound. 

The in-built microphone of the speaker converts it to a karaoke machine when necessary.  With this feature, you can not only play songs at parties but sing them too. 

Other than the Bluetooth connection, this speaker also has other power outlets like an aux to connect it to the Thunder Pro. The speaker also supports  SD cards and USBs.  

Since its battery backup is not that great, we would advise you to keep the speaker on a charge, whenever possible. Even though it is a Bluetooth speaker, the sound quality depreciates on the wireless network. You can easily adjust the bass, treble, and other things with the EQ control mechanism. With these controls, you can make the speaker sound like an acoustic one or a bass one. 

The drawback of this speaker is that it is not at all portable. It weighs 2 kgs and is quite large in size. Thus, fix this in your home and use it as a home music system for watching movies or playing music. 


  • Bluetooth speaker cum karaoke machine; two-in-one
  • LED display
  • Bluetooth version v5.0
  • 30 w capacity
  • EQ controller for easy adjustments


  • Heavy and not portable
  • Not water-resistant

8. iBall Musi Barrel Bluetooth Speaker

iBall Musi Barrel Bluetooth Speaker

The iBall Bluetooth speaker is best suited for those who wish to place the speaker in one place permanently. This is not because the device is not portable, but because IP standards have not been cleared and hence, it might not be waterproof and dust-resistant.

Ranked as one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000, this speaker can be connected to various devices using Bluetooth, aux cable, or USB connection. 

Its build quality is exceptional as it is made of superior-quality durable plastic and the rest of the body is covered with leather. There is a super-soft handle provided, which makes it easy to carry around from one place to another. Once fully charged, you can rely on the iBall speaker to remain active for 5 hours or so. 

The advantage of most wireless speakers is that they are compatible with wired connections as well. Thus, aux and USB become crucial, especially during times when there is no charge left in the speaker.

iBall offers a 1-year warranty on the speaker. One drawback of this otherwise flawless product is that the Bluetooth tends to become slow at times. 


  • A powerful speaker with 30 w capacity
  • Superior-quality leather finish
  • Various connectivity modes


  • IP rating not provided for water or dust resistance
  • Battery life not too good

9. Mivi Octave 2.0 Portable Wireless Speakers

Mivi Octave 2.0 Portable Wireless Speakers

The Mivi Octave 2.0 wireless speaker is a budget speaker but incorporates a few great features that guarantee satisfaction. If the price is an issue, this speaker is the ideal one, since it is available within a budget of 3000. The maximum capacity of the speaker is 16 watts and there are double woofers to support the music. 

These woofers provide a 360-degree surround sound that delivers sound in all directions. This sound quality is ideal for watching movies, tv shows, listening to music, and so on. However, you might get the loud sound you desire for parties and special occasions from this particular speaker. The bass is not that powerful and it does not provide the beats that you need for dancing. 

It is rated IPX7 for resistance to water and this makes the speaker a super durable device. The speaker will remain intact even if you splash water on it while you keep it at the poolside or go for a walk in the rain. Once charged, the speaker retains the power for approximately 8 hours, which is quite a long time. 

The Mivi Octave is available in 5 different colors that include black, blue, grey, military green, and red. A 1-year warranty is provided by the brand and you can avail of this service when required. 


  • 360-degree sound delivery
  • Type C charging supported
  • Highly portable
  • Modern and stylish design


  • It has not received great customer reviews

10. Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers

Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers

Here is a unique Bluetooth speaker for you- the Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 Bluetooth speakers that come preloaded with 351 evergreen Hindi songs. This is an all-in-one device that comes with Bluetooth connectivity, an FM radio, an audio jack for external speakers as well as an AM radio. If you are planning to give something to an elderly person, this would be the ideal choice because it includes songs from the ’80s and ’90s.  

Ranked as one of the best bluetooth speakers under 3000, this speaker has a very low sound quality of only 5 watts. However, this is enough sound for a room on a common day but not sufficient for a party. The battery backup of the speakers lasts for 5 hours, which is once again not as much as other speakers but will last for some time. 

An aux port is provided for connecting your phone or other devices to the speaker. It also comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack that can be used for connecting to external speakers. When it comes to the design of this speaker, it is quite versatile as it is available in 9 different colors. Saregama offers a 6-month warranty on the speakers. 


  • Ideal gift for parents/grandparents
  • 351 preloaded songs
  • Reasonably priced
  • In-built FM and AM
  • Great Bluetooth connection


  • Build quality is average
  • Power backup is not that great
  • Poor sound quality

11. Zebronics Zeb-Music

Zebronics Zeb-Music

Zebronics brings to you this portable Bluetooth speaker that has a really stylish design with double woofers for some extra-powerful sound. There is a metal hook on the speaker that can be attached to your bag, making it a highly portable device to carry during trips, especially on treks. The 9 RGB light modes allow you to change the color of the light on the speaker. 

It boasts of multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB pen drive, AUX input, and so on. It has cleared the IPX7 certification and has been declared as a waterproof speaker. Thus, you can keep it by the poolside, and splashes of water can cause no harm to the speaker whatsoever. 

The powerful 45 mm dual drivers produce a total sound output of 20 watts that is quite loud and powerful for parties or any celebration. It has a type C charging input and also allows a 20 hour playback time at 50% volume. Get this super cool Zebronics speaker home today to experience movies and music like never before, well within the 4 walls of your room. 


  • Available in 9 RGB colors
  • Powerful sound at 20 watts
  • Supports type C port
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple avenues for connectivity


  • No discernable con found

12. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) 

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) 

The Echo Dot smart speaker is a product of Amazon that has taken over the market by a storm with its exquisite design and numerous exceptional features. This is a speaker that can be controlled with the help of your voice and it is also quite compact which makes it incredible as your travel companion. It can be connected to your smartphone or laptop with a Bluetooth connection. 

You can even connect these devices to the speaker by using the other connectivity options like the audio jack or the AUX port. With this smart speaker, you can easily access millions of songs of different genres and of 10 different languages that include Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and others. You can use Alexa to play music or to read the news and access other applications. 

Alexa is well-spoken in two languages- Hindi and English, so you can speak to it in either of these languages. Updated features are automatically added to Alexa. You can even use this voice assist to turn everything in your home into a smart appliance starting from the lights to the geysers. The speaker serves multiple purposes that make everyday life a lot easier. 

It can not only be used to play music but also to set alarms, reminders, timers in the kitchen while cooking something. You can even use Alexa to pay your bills quickly. 


  • Voice control via Alexa
  • Multiple connectivity methods
  • Available in different languages
  • Makes everyday life a lot easier


  • Works best only with Amazon Music and Saavn
  • Poor sound recognition
  • Alexa often does not understand the commands

13. Philips BT6620B Wireless Portable Speakers

Philips BT6620B Wireless Portable Speakers

Philips is one of the most well-known names when it comes to electronics, like speakers and headphones. While many brands have emerged in recent years to give a competition, people still rely on Philips for some of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. The Philips BT6620B is a wireless portable speaker that has an output power of 20 watts. 

You can enjoy music from multiple sources using the Philips speaker, such as your smartphone, laptop, television, and so on. The speaker has a compact design that is quite travel-friendly and can be easily carried around. It also boasts of advanced audio performance. The speaker comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides music backup anywhere you please. 

The Philips speaker comes with provisions for dynamic lighting that assist in dancing to the beats and really makes a party more happening. The splash-proof or waterproof design ensures that it can be carried out in the rain or to the pool if you wish to listen to your favourite playlist as you chill by the poolside. It comes with a built-in microphone that provides hands-free phone calls. 

No matter what the electronic device is, with the audio-in feature, you can connect any device to the speaker. There is also a built-in FM radio in the speaker. It has an easy playback from the MicroSD card. 


  • Built-in microphone
  • In-built FM radio
  • Waterproof
  • The powerful sound produced by 20 watts woofers
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • Few have complained of low sound quality
  • Reasonable price

14. Echo Flex– Plug-in

Echo Flex– Plug-in

The Echo Flex smart speaker once again comes from Amazon and has received great reviews from customers over the years. This smart speaker allows you to use your voice to give commands and control the different features of the speaker. It brings you, Alexa, to help you navigate your way either in order to play a song of your liking or to set the timer while working in the kitchen. 

Arguably one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000, this device can be connected to any gadget via Bluetooth or the 3.5 mm audio cable provided. You can use Alexa to control the other appliances in your room like lights, AC, TVs, and so on. You can even use the built-in microphone of the speaker to receive calls without having to hold the phone against your ears. 

Alexa can help you check the weather or even book an appointment easily. Most importantly, this speaker has been designed to provide you with ultimate safety. This is done with the multiple layers of security and privacy controls built into the speaker. There is also a built-in USB port that can be used to charge the speaker when needed. 


  • Microphone for calls
  • USB port
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • 3.5 mm audio cable provided


  • None found

15. Portronics SoundDrum Bluetooth Speaker

Portronics SoundDrum Bluetooth Speaker

The last product that we shall review for you is the Portronics SoundDrum Bluetooth speaker with its exceptional features and real portable nature. This compact speaker is capable of producing powerful HD sound which can be the ultimate party starter with powerful bass and the 2500 mAH rechargeable battery. It uses the Bluetooth 5.0 version for best results. 

It creates the perfect balance between balance and treble and consumes very little energy every time you play it. The audio bass is further enhanced by the unique equalizer button. You can tend to calls with the help of the built-in microphone and it resonates with a 360-degree deliverance. 


  • HD quality sound
  • 2500 mAH rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Microphone in the speaker


  • Battery level is not displayed

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under ₹3000

1. Frequency Response

The frequency response is the most crucial factor that you must take into consideration before buying the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. It is measured using the unit Hertz and tends to signify how loud or powerful the sound produced will be.

The higher the frequency response, the more powerful your speaker is. However, the age of the listener also matters in this case and must be considered, before choosing a speaker. 

2. Bluetooth Version

The quality of the audio transmission is determined by the version of Bluetooth used by the speaker. It is best to go for the Bluetooth version 4 or more to ensure a swift and uninterrupted connection since this provides connectivity for a range of 60 meters. While Bluetooth 5 is a much better version, it will still take some time for it to become popular. 

3. Drivers

The driver is the part of the speaker that emits the sound or music. It determines the size of the speaker. The bigger the driver, the bigger the speaker. A 40 mm driver is commonly found in portable speakers and this is powerful enough for compact speakers. Anything bigger will also affect the size of the speaker. 

4. Connectivity

Your Bluetooth speaker must offer multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, an audio jack, a USB port, and so on. This creates alternatives when the speaker is out of charge so that you can use other means in place of Bluetooth. Even a microphone is a good feature, as it allows you to receive incoming calls even when your phone is not around you. 

5. Charging Style

As mentioned in the section above, an alternative means of connectivity is always beneficial. A USB port ensures that you can charge the speaker especially when you are outside or at someone’s home. You can charge the speaker with a normal charger or even a power bank if available at the time. 

FAQs on Bluetooth Speakers under Rs. 3,000


Q1. Can I Take My Speaker Under Water If It Is Rated IPX7?

If your speaker has been rated IPX7, that means that it is waterproof and can be used underwater. However, it can only be used in 1 m deep water, after which the speaker is bound to get damaged. 

Q2. Can I Pair Two Bluetooth Speakers With Each Other?

It is possible to pair two Bluetooth speakers with each other but only if both belong to the same brand. The model of the speakers has to be the same for pairing to be successful. There are a few companies that allow pairing with other devices irrespective of these limitations, but that is something you will have to specifically check for. 

Q3. What Is The Best Brand Of Bluetooth Speakers?

Brands like JBL, Boat Stone, Bose, and a few others are the best brands that manufacture Bluetooth speakers. 


We have tried to help you out with all sorts of information required to buy the best Bluetooth speaker under 3000. This information includes a list of the best products, a section on the various factors to be considered before buying one, and 3 frequently asked questions. Hope this gives you a brief idea about the particular topic. 

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