Best Wireless Headphones Under ₹3000 2021: Top Reviews

1. Boat Rockerz2. Mi Super Buss3.  Boat Rockerz 510

Boat Rockerz Best Wireless Headphone Under 30000

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphone

Boat Rockerz 


Who doesn’t like to listen to music without interruptions and perturbations – and nothing can be a device better than a headphone to fulfil this purpose. Portability is the order of the technologies of this generation, and we have a range of portable audio devices on which we can listen to music – MP3 players, smartphones, laptops, tabs, and so forth.


Whereas we have the smaller version of headphones, namely earphones, which also fulfil the same purpose, they lack the kind of sound output in terms of quality as the headphones.

Headphones are heavier and bulkier, but they deliver much superior sound quality than earphones. As they rest on the outer ear, they block more background noise.. Besides, they are less likely to cause damage to your ears upon prolonged use.

However, plenty of headphones are available in the market. Not only do they differ in terms of price and quality of sound, but they differ in terms of features as well. Besides, they are meant for different purposes. Earlier, wired headphones ruled the market – but today, it is wireless headphones that are preferred.

These are easy to carry, and are less prone to damage, as it eliminates the chances of wear and tear. These headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect to the device on which you want to play music. However, choosing a wireless headphone is also a difficult task, given the vast number of these products in the market.

Therefore, we have come up with a buyers’ guide that would provide insights into the world of wireless headphones, and review the best wireless headphones under 3000 rupees.

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Wireless Headphone Under ₹3000 In India

1. Sound Quality

The sound quality is the first thing that you would want to be perfect on your Bluetooth headphone. Although a lot of factors affect the sound quality, , one which is particular to Bluetooth headphones is the presence or absence of aptX technology.

To simply put it, Bluetooth as a technology was not developed to provide high quality audio transmissions. With the use of aptX technology, the sound quality becomes quite similar to that of CDs. However, both the headphone and the device should support aptX technology for it to work.

2. Form, Comfort And Style

These are the three areas which all customers must pay attention to. These choices also depend on how you are going to use your Bluetooth headphone. For instance, some people might be required to wear headphones all through the day (say, for content creation, taking distance learning courses, etc.). Comfort, therefore, becomes one of the main priorities for such people, as they would require a comfortable headphone.

Others might pay more attention to the style and the looks of the headphone. Manufacturers these days are coming with a range of headphones which are similar in all ways, but are different in terms of looks and design, so that customers have a lot of styles to choose from.

In terms of form factor, headphones can technically be classified into three categories: in-ear, on-ear, over-ear. We would not consider a discussion on in-ear headphones here, as they are simply another term used for earphones. On-ear headphones, on the other hand, are those which rest on the ear, but do not completely enclose them.

On the flipside, over-ear wireless headphones are those that enclose the entire ear. The latter has advantages over on-ear headphones, in terms of offering better bass and sound quality. However, on-ear headphones are lighter and are therefore, more portable than their over-ear counterparts.

3. Controls And Pairing

Those who are familiar with using wired headphones must have seen control buttons along the wire to control volume or play/ pause music. However, wireless headphones can be much different from wired headphones in this regard.

While not all wireless headphones have controls on them, those that have, have it on the earpiece itself. Some of these headphones have physical control buttons, but these days, many wireless headphones come with touch buttons. In addition, some of these devices can be controlled by voice command or by using external apps.

You might deem the method of control unnecessary, but it is really important not just for style, but also for the purposes of functionality. For instance, the controls on some wireless headphones are perfect for gym-goers, while the controls on the other might be useful for other purposes, such as driving.

The other important factor is pairing. Unlike a wired headphone, which you can simply plug into a device and listen to music, wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology for pairing. A lot of the low cost headphones often have an issue with pairing. Some of the more user-friendly headphones are easier to pair than others.

In addition to Bluetooth, wireless headphones these days also use NFC technology to connect to devices. Others simply combine Bluetooth and NFC, such that you can either connect the device using Bluetooth to, say, your car’s music system, or use a NFC-enabled device, such as your smartphone, to connect the headphone by tapping it.

4. Battery Life

This is another area which differentiates between wireless headphones and wired ones. For those of you who are familiar with using a wired headphone, the very fact that a headphone can have a battery might be an alien concept. However, battery life is one of the most important factors that you should take a note of while buying a wireless headphone.

Most of the wireless headphones available in the market can last up to a few hours on a single charge, when you constantly use it. However, if you need good battery life, it is always advisable to do a good research on the product. Another important factor to take a note of with regards to battery is the charging time. Some wireless headphones come with extremely fast charging, whereas others take up a lot of time to be fully charged.

Hence, while making a choice of a wireless headphone, take a note of the charging time. Some devices also work while they are put on charge, but in that case, they are no longer portable. So it must not matter a lot to you, if a headphone does provide for charging and listening to music at the same time.

5. Price

It is only plausible to think that premium wireless headphones come at premium price. If you are going to buy a good wireless headphone with advanced features like noise cancellation, great design, and incredible sound quality, expect to pay more.

However, if you need a headphone for simply listening to some music, or do some voice/ video calling, you can buy a cheaper pair. Since it is a competitive market, many manufacturers are bringing in great products at affordable prices. In this article, we look at some of the best wireless headphones under 3000 rupees.

Top 6 Best Wireless Headphones Under ₹3000 In India 2021

1. Boat Rockerz 

Boat Rockerz Best Wireless Headphones Under 30000In recent years, Boat has emerged as one of the most popular headphone brands in India and is a leading manufacturer of wireless headphones and other wireless devices, such as Bluetooth speakers, offering them to the consumers at a price lower than the other brands.

The Boat Rockerz 400, similarly, is a great offering from the company and combines great design with superior sound quality. It is a on-ear headphone and it provides for passive noise cancellation. This means that you can listen to your favourite music without being perturbed by ambient noise.

This is a dual mode headphone, i.e. it also comes with a wire. You can plug the headphone into any device using the cable that comes with it, or you can choose to keep the cable detached and connect the device using Bluetooth. This is an advantage particularly when the device that you are connecting to does not have Bluetooth, or in the event of the headphone running out of charge.

However, battery life is not something to be worried about on this headphone, as it can operate up to 8 hours on a single charge. Further, it offers some 100 hours of standby time. The headphone has an operation range of 10 metres. It is equipped with 40 mm dynamic audio drivers that ensure superior sound quality. Also, expect a good bass on this headphone, as Boat claims that the device comes with super extra bass.

The device has a foldable design, making it easy to carry. It comes with integrated controls for volume and play/pause which are handy. There is a micro-USB port on the headphone, and a USB cable for charging is contained in the package itself.

Further, this is an extremely light wireless headphone, weighing only 109g, and hence, it will be very comfortable on your ears. Although some reviewers on Amazon had a problem with the build quality of this device, it is overall a great device, given all its features. It can certainly be termed as one of the best wireless headphones under 3000.


2. Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphone

Mi Super Bass Wireless HeadphoneLike Boat, Mi has also emerged as one of the popular brands for a number of gadgets, which, most notably includes smartphones, but for Bluetooth devices like wireless headphones, as well.

The Mi Super Bass wireless headphone is one such offering by the company. It is a great product, which is being offered at an affordable price, which happens to be the hallmark of all Mi products. This is also an on-ear headphone, and has pressure-less ear muffs that rest comfortably on your ears.

This Bluetooth headphone comes with a large 40 mm neodymium iron boron unit that provides for a deep and impactful bass output. It is equipped with large voice coils, and large diaphragms that recreate the front row rock concert experience.

The ear-muffs are crafted with soundproof PU material. The cushiony material reduces strain on your ears and provides for effective noise cancellation, so that you can listen to your favourite music without being disturbed from the noise outside.

In addition, the device is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. This new and advanced version is faster and covers more distance. Moreover, it allows you to connect to two headphones at the same time to stream music from the same phone.

Another attractive feature of this Mi wireless headphone is its battery life. It offers up to 20 hours of battery life, which you would hardly find on any other headphone. You can listen up to 300 songs uninterrupted on a single charge.

Furthermore, you can also use this headphone on the wired mode, in the event of it running out of charge, or with devices that do not have Bluetooth facility. Another notable fact about this wireless headphone is that it supports voice control function. You can use the voice control function to take or place phone calls.

The headphone weighs around 150g, which is heavier than the last product that we reviewed, but is still not very heavy. Hence, it is comfortable to use. Besides, it comes with a microphone, and a charging cable is provided in the package. However, one major con of this wireless headphone is that it is not foldable. It has a plastic body, which is durable, but not very sturdy.

Mi offers a 6-month warranty on this headphone. Given the incredible features that this headphone comes with, particularly the aspect of a long-lasting battery life, this is one of the best wireless headphone under 3000 rupees that you can buy.


3. Boat Rockerz 510

Boat Rockerz We have already reviewed one of the Bluetooth headphones offered by Boat, and this Boat Rockerz 510 has better features than the Rockerz 400 wireless headphone. It has a unique design, with a colour combination of black and orange, which sets it apart from other Bluetooth headphones. There is a black and green colour combination option available as well. Both the colour combinations give the device an elegant look, and you can choose whichever you prefer, as they are priced the same.

The device offers a high definition sound quality with what Boat terms as Super Extra Bass. Besides, it provides for a balanced treble performance, and is therefore, going to make your listening experience a thumping one. It is equipped with a custom designed 50mm driver that delivers superior sound quality.

This is also an on-ear headphone, and the ear pads of the Boat Rockerz 510 wireless headphone is made of soft faux leather, making it comfortable to wear, even for long durations. The foam inside the ear pads adapts to your ears, providing the right amount of pressure. The design of the headphone makes it extremely stylish, and the build quality of this device is sturdy.

This wireless headphone, too, can be operated on dual mode, i.e. you can either use it with Bluetooth to connect to your device, or you can simply use the AUX cable provided with the headphone (which is portable and detachable) to plug it into your smartphone, or any other device. This gives two kinds of advantages. Firstly, it allows you to connect the headphone to devices that do not have Bluetooth capabilities. And secondly, it keeps the headphone functional even when it runs out of charge.

The battery life on this headphone is also decent, as it offers 10 hours of functioning on a single charge. However, the weight of this device is on the heavier side, as it weighs 230g. This is because of the superior build quality, and in our opinion, it would not matter much once you get used to wearing it. Besides, the headphone comes with physical control buttons for play/ pause, volume change, and song change.

Hence, you will not be required to turn to your phone every time you need to do these things. Boat offers a warranty of 1 year on this headphone, which is a great thing, as many brands offer only a 6-month warranty on their headphones. With these incredible features, superior design, and sturdy build quality, the Boat Rockerz 510 is one of the best wireless headphones in its class, and is certainly one of the best wireless headphones under 3000 rupees.


4. JBL T460BT

JBL T460BT Wireless HeadphonJBL is renowned for its music systems, and it produces some of the best in class wireless headphones for all kinds of purposes. The JBL T460BT wireless headphone is one of its affordable offerings, that has an excellent design and comes with great specs and features. This device is available in three colour variants, black, white, and blue, all of which are priced the same. Hence, you can choose whichever colour variant you like by paying an equal price.

The headphone delivers superior sound quality with effective bass. This is an on-ear earphone and the ear pads rest on your ears very comfortably. Thus, you can listen to your favourite music, or talk to someone for long durations without feeling any discomfort to your ears.

It uses Bluetooth to connect to devices. Moreover, the battery life on this wireless headphone is incredibly good. JBL claims that this device offers up to 11 hours of battery life on a single charge. However, audio settings need to be optimum for a healthy battery life.

Also, according to some reviewers on Amazon, the device requires more than an hour to be fully charged. The device comes with 32 mm drivers, which are less powerful than the three other products that we have reviewed so far, but is still good enough for offering a great bass.

The compact form-factor of this device is another good reason for buying this wireless headphone. Moreover, it is foldable, and this eliminates the risk of any physical damage to the headphone while being carried in a bag, and also it makes the device easier to carry, in general.

Besides, there are physical buttons on the earcups which can be used for call and music controls. This means that you do not have to turn to your phone time and again for performing basic tasks like song changes, play/pause, or answering a call. The device has an inbuilt microphone and hence, you do not have to rely on your phone’s microphone. Also, you can talk to people over webcam on computers, address conferences, etc.

The weight of this wireless headphone is on the heavier side, as it weighs close to 300g. However, this is still not much of a weight and it is evenly distributed. On the warranty front, the device comes with a year-long warranty.

This is an advantage over those brands which offer 6 months warranty on products like headphones and earphones. Speaking of the things that you get in the package, you get a detachable cable and a charging cable along with this product. The JBL T460BT wireless headphone is a great product and you should definitely go for it, in case you are looking for a good wireless headphone under 3000 rupees.


5. Infinity Glide 500

Infinity headphones have become quite popular these days because of their superior quality products, which are offered at affordable prices. The Infinity Glide 500 is a great wireless headphone, which has a sturdy build quality and delivers good sound.

There are three different colour options available on this wireless headphone – balck, blue, and red. All of them are equally priced, allowing you to choose the one that you like the most by not spending an extra penny.

Coming to the technical specs of this wireless headphone, the Infinity Glide 500 delivers a superior sound quality, as it is equipped with an advanced dynamic 32 mm driver. It will make sure that you hear the top and bottom notes of your songs.

The device also comes with a dual equaliser mode, which can be activated at the push of a button. It gives you an immersive feel, and lets you choose between normal and deep bass output. The device offers an excellent bass, and is great for music lovers.

The earcups of this wireless headphone comes with soft cushions that provide a comfortable experience. Thus, you can wear it for long durations without facing any kind of discomfort. Another plus point, with regards to comfort is that it is extremely lightweight, as it weighs just over 100g.

It is made from high tensile PP plastic, and comes with a rotational pivot, making the earcups multi-axis foldable. Thus, the headphone can easily fit anywhere and the foldable design makes it less prone to damage while it is being carried.

The battery life on the Infinity Glide 500 wireless headphone is incredible. When fully charged, and under optimum settings, it can last up to 20 hours. Moreover, on a charge time of just 10 minutes, it can offer up to 2 hours of uninterrupted music. There are physical buttons on the earcups.

On the push of a button, you can enjoy handsfree calling. You can pick up calls, play/pause music, change songs, decrease/ increase volume – all from the headphone itself, without requiring you to turn to your phone. Moreover, the device also provides for connectivity to Siri and Google Assistant, which can be activated by pressing the power button twice on the earcup.

However, this wireless headphone does not provide for a dual mode, i.e. there is no provision for attaching an AUX cable to this headphone, and hence, you will always have to rely on Bluetooth for connectivity.

This can be a negative point, as it is not compatible with devices that do not have Bluetooth. But apart from this, it has all the great features that should be there on an on-ear wireless headphone, and it is certainly, one of the best wireless headphones under 3000 rupees.


6. Motorola Escape 210 

Motorola Escape 210Motorola has been quite famous for its feature phone and smartphone line-up once upon a time, and it is also a manufacturer of headphones and earphones. The Motorola 210 Escape is the only over-ear wireless headphone that has made it to our list of the best wireless headphones under 3000 rupees. This Bluetooth headphone, however, does not have multiple colour variants and comes only in a black colour, with a big Motorola logo on the earcup.

This wireless headphone comes with a 40mm driver that provides an excellent sound quality. It delivers the highs and lows of sound, with an effective bass, and is a great device for those who are constantly hooked on to music.

Some of the greatest pros of this wireless headphone happen to exist in the realm of connectivity. The device comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which is faster and covers a greater distance than the devices equipped with previous Bluetooth versions. Moreover, the Motorola Escape 210 also comes integrated with Alexa.

You can access Alexa using your voice command, and answer/ reject calls, change track, control volume, etc. There are physical buttons for performing these tasks on the earcups. The headphone also has an in-built microphone and thus, you can attend lectures and give presentations online by wearing this device.

The device has a compact form factor, and at the same time, it is foldable. Thus, it makes the device easier to carry and less prone to damage. While Motorola claims that this is a super lightweight device, in reality, it weighs close to 300g and is, therefore, quite heavy.

However, it is unlikely that this is going to cause much of a discomfort to your ears, as the distribution of weight must be good. The average battery life on this device, according to Motorola, is up to 10 hours. However, in the reviews, some customers have found issues with the battery life and have complained that the battery drain happens too fast.

The device is capable of running on a dual mode, i.e., there is the provision for attaching an audio cable, in case you do not want to use it as a wireless headphone. An audio cable, alongside a USB charging cable is provided in the package itself. With all these features, we would like to recommend you to buy this product, in case you are looking for an over-ear wireless headphone at an affordable price.


FAQs on Wireless Headphone Under ₹3000

1. Do I Need Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Noise cancelling headphones are useful in driving away the unnecessary ambient sounds that you are able to hear on a normal headphone. Imagine yourself travelling in a train or a bus, and you can hear people talking while listening to your favourite music. You tend to increase the volume, but sometimes even that does not help, and rather, your ears start hurting.

It is in situations like these that noise cancelling headphones can be really useful. Moreover, they are also useful for professionals in the music industry, as they help you hear the notes perfectly, without being perturbed.

In addition, on a noise cancelling headphone, you do not need to increase the volume in order to cancel out outside noises. You can keep the volume low and yet not be disturbed by the noise outside. However, noise cancelling headphones are quite expensive than normal headphones, and you need to have a slightly higher budget so as to be able to afford them.

2. Are Headphones Better Than Earphones?

Headphones certainly offer better bass and superior sound quality than earphones. Whereas, the latter go into the auditory canal, headphones rest on or over the ears, and are therefore considered to be safer for prolonged use. However, headphones are also much more expensive.

Earphones have the advantage of their small size, which makes them way more portable than headphones. Due to their lighter weight and smaller form factor, a lot of people prefer earphones. However, if good sound quality is your priority, you should definitely go for a headphone. Wireless versions of both earphones and headphones are available in the market, and in this article itself, we have reviewed some of the best wireless headphones under 3000 rupees.


Everyone loves listening to music and headphones are the perfect companion for music-lovers, allowing them to enjoy the comfort of their favourite music away from the hustle and bustle of the world. This is an age of wireless devices, and wireless headphones now rule the market.

However, a vast array of these devices are available, each of which has its own specs and features. Besides, they are not similarly priced and not all of them are meant for the same kind of customers. Many people look for an affordable wireless headphone of a good quality, but the existence of such a large number of products makes it a difficult choice.

Therefore, in this buyers’ guide, we have included all the important factors that you should look for while buying a wireless headphone. We have also enlisted some of the best wireless headphones under 3000 rupees, and reviewed them for you. In addition, we have answered some of the FAQs related to headphones.

The choice of the perfect wireless headphone for yourself, however, will depend on your requirements. Go through our buyers’ guide thoroughly and make an informed choice.

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