Best Monitor Under ₹20,000 in 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. BenQ2. Acer3.  LG

BenQ GW2480T 24-inch Eye-Care Monitor Best Monitor Under ₹20000

Acer B227Q 21.5-inches Full HD Monitor

LG 23.8 inch Borderless LED Monitor


Ask anybody, and they will tell you that the monitor is the heart and soul of a PC set up. Recently, LED monitors have taken the market with a storm, to become the most popular type of monitor. These are available at various price ranges, depending on the features of the monitor.

This article focuses on the best monitor under ₹20,000 and gives you all the information that you will require to buy an efficient monitor within the price range. You can trust these brands to provide you with monitors that meet the needs of modern users. Things like the resolution of the monitor are paid close attention to because it determines the visual quality and the kind of experience you will have.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Monitor Under ₹20,000

Here are a few factors that must be taken into consideration before buying the best monitor under 20000. These will act as a guide, to give you as much information as required to purchase a budget monitor with all the features that you expect. Having basic knowledge about such factors always helps to narrow down the options.

1. Brand

With electronic appliances like monitors, it is always best to go for an established and well-known brand. The reason for this is that they will always provide you with a warranty, after-sales service, and such other benefits. Some of the most popular brands that manufacture monitors are Samsung, Acer, LG, and BenQ. They are reputed for the expertise with which they design these monitors to meet your needs.

2. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is the number of times it is able to refresh the screen in a second. To further elucidate, if a monitor comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, it means that the screen can refresh 60 times in 1 second. Frequent flickering of the monitor automatically means that the refresh rate is below 60 Hz, as anything more than that does not have such issues.

With a budget of 20000 however, you can purchase a monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate. This is far better than the 60 Hz, one as the distortion is less and the visuals are more crisp and clear. There are a variety of monitors available that state the maximum refresh rate, and you can adjust this as per your requirement while using it. These details are mentioned by the vendor, and you must take note of them before buying to make sure they suit your requirements.

3. Panels

The panel is quite an important part of the monitor – especially when you are searching to buy the best gaming monitor under 20000. Panels are divided into three types, and you will find all of them in the market. These are – TN panels, IPS panels, and VA panels. A basic understanding of panels will help you to select the perfect buy.

  • TN Panels- When it comes to response time, TN panels are the best that you will get. However, what this panel lacks is a vibrant color tone that creates an appeal. The poor quality colors and the grainy images on the screen make for an unattractive visual.
  • IPS Panels- The most common type of panel that you will find in most monitors is the IPS panel. This produces vibrant colors that make for beautiful visuals and a fun experience. Most photo and video editors prefer this panel because of the accuracy of the colors. However, one glitch is that it suffers from backlight bleeding.
  • VA Panels- A combination of the best features of TN panels and IPS panels has resulted in VA panels. This one not only has a great response time but also great color accuracy. VA panels are mostly used in the new generation monitors that are manufactured today. It has truly become one of the most popular kinds of panels now.

4. Screen Size

The most standard monitors that you will find in the market today are either LCD or LED (the majority of this), and these are available in a size range of 18-30 inches. The size is measured diagonally, and for the best visuals, you should go for a screen size ranging from 21-30 inches. This also allows you to organize your work better.

5. Response Time

The time taken by the monitor to change from one color tone to another is called the response time of that monitor. This largely depends on the content that you are viewing. For example, if you are playing a video game or watching an action movie that is packed with a wide range of colors, you require a monitor with a fast response time for rapid transitions.

A 4-5 ms response time is considered to be good enough for gaming or watching a movie. This becomes important – even while editing photographs and videos. However, professional gaming monitors usually have 1 ms response time. If you are using the monitor simply for tasks like sending/receiving emails, reading articles, surfing the internet, and so on then the response time of the monitor will not play such a big role.

6. Resolution

In order to buy the best monitor under 20000, you must keep the resolution of the monitor in mind, as the visual experience largely depends on it. The resolution of a monitor is determined by the number of pixels on the screen. The picture quality is always better when the resolution is high. The most common resolutions are 720p, 1080p, and 1440p. Extremely high-resolution monitors are of 4K, but these do not meet your budget requirement.

Even if you have a big monitor but low resolution, you cannot expect a fulfilling visual experience, as the screen gets distorted in such a situation. You would want a crisp and clear screen for viewing video games or watching movies, and this is only possible with a high-resolution screen.

7. Ports Available

Before purchasing any monitor, you must check the number of ports that are available on it for the purpose of gaming or transferring files. The HDMI port and the audio port are frequently needed by most people. Make sure your monitor has these.

8. Flat Or Curved

Flat-screen monitors have been in the market for a long time, but it is the new curved monitor that has become extremely popular among PC users these days. Not only is the display more engaging, but a curved screen provides you with a more holistic view of the entire screen. The field of view automatically increases with a curved screen and reduces the pressure on your eyes. It reduces the chances of light reflection as well. Monitors with a curved screen are the future of PC technology.

9. Height Adjustment, Swivel, And VESA

Sitting in front of the PC for hours can often lead to back problems, but while working in this technologically advanced world, there is no other option. However, you can now adjust the height of the monitor or tilt it to a specific angle to work comfortably. You can also mount the monitor on the wall if required using the VESA feature. Make sure your monitors fulfills these needs, for a more comfortable and convenient experience.

10. Gloss Or Matte

The surface of the monitor screen is of two types – gloss or matte. It depends on you to choose the one you like better. When the screen is glossy, the colors are more vibrant and accurate, but the glare is quite a lot and this can strain your eyes. On the other hand, matte surfaces do not reflect as much light, but the colours are not as vibrant either.

This section will give you an overview of the range of products that are available in the market when one searches for the best monitor under 20000. There are quite a few options to choose from, and the products have been selected based on their rating, customer reviews, and popularity.

Top 10 Best Monitor Under ₹20,000 2021

1. BenQ GW2480T 24-inch Eye-Care Monitor

BenQ GW2480T 24-inch Eye-Care Monitor Best Monitor Under ₹20000

BenQ is a multinational company in Taiwan that manufactures and sells electronic products, computing, and communications devices, consumer electronics, and much more. This brand is trusted for their expertise in making monitors that are not only ergonomically designed but also safe for your eyes. This BenQ monitor comes with a stand that can be used to adjust its height, swivel, and tilt.

It has the proper display brightness that can be adjusted according to the ambient light in the surroundings. This is supported by the unique Brightness of Intelligence Technology. The low blue light technology cuts out blue light that can be harmful to the eyes. As BenQ monitors cater mainly to students, it features specifications that go easy on the student’s eyes and aids in peaceful sleep.

A flickering monitor can cause irritation and frequent blinking. This screen is completely flicker-free, with the special technology used by BenQ. This 24-inch monitor has a Full HD resolution of 1080p and is accompanied by an IPS panel. The Colour Weakness mode reduces strain on the eyes as well.

This monitor offers connectivity options like the HDMI port, DP, and D-sub. Itis certified by TUV Rheinland to be safe for usage by children and adults alike.


2. Acer B227Q 21.5″ IPS LED Full HD Monitor

Acer B227Q 21.5-inches Full HD Monitor

Acer has been one of the most prolific brands when it comes to electronic gadgets like tablets, laptops, and computer monitors. The Acer B227Q is a 21.5-inch monitor with a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080p. This high resolution, along with various other features mentioned later on makes this monitor one of the best gaming monitors under 20000.

The monitor comes with an inbuilt HD Webcam with mic and stereo speakers that can be used for any requirement. It has a refresh rate of 75 Hz, and a response time of 4 ms, which makes it the perfect machine for gaming within the stipulated budget. To make things even more comfortable for you, the Acer Ergostand helps the monitor to swivel, the height to be adjusted, move up and down so that you can adjust the viewing angle to suit your comfort levels.

Acer helps in reducing the strain on your eyes so that your viewing experience is as comfortable as it gets. There is no amount of screen flickering, and the blue light is filtered out. All of this is done with the Acer Vision Care technologies, that work together to enhance the visual experience.

The Zero Frame design of the monitor allows you to enjoy the 21.5-inch screen to the fullest. The Acer Display Widget utility software makes it convenient for you to operate the monitor, as it gives you access to all the settings at one go. Lastly, this monitor is supported by an IPS panel that works to give you the most vibrant colors and a crystal clear screen.


3. LG 23.8 inch Borderless LED Monitor

LG 23.8 inch Borderless LED Monitor

LG has been one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to electronic appliances like washing machines, smart TVs, and even monitors. This 24-inch monitor is another appliance that has been manufactured by LG. It boasts of a high definition resolution screen of 1080p that retains the accuracy of every color on the screen.

The wide view angle allows you to enjoy these accurate and bright colors equally from any angle. An immersive visual experience is created by the borderless streamlined display on all four sides. Now a video game or a movie can fully occupy almost every inch of the screen for an exciting and as said before immersive experience.

It is accompanied by a 5-watt speaker that has a rich bass and produces clear sound. The AMD FreeSync allows you to enjoy exciting gaming sessions without any distortion or flickering of the screen. The Dynamic Action Sync eliminates any chance of delay. Even in scenes that are in the dark, the screen is completely visible with the help of the Black Stabilizer.

You can mount the monitor on the wall if you wish to, as it comes with such provisions. A wide range of connectivity ports has been provided that includes a VGA port, 2 HDMI ports, an audio jack, a headphone port, and 2 speakers. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, a response time of 5 ms, and an aspect ratio of 16:9.


4. Dell P Series 24-inch LED-Lit Monitor

Dell P Series 24-inch LED-Lit Monitor

Dell is an American multinational brand that is known for its excellence in computer technology and has expanded its branches to various parts of the world – including India. There was a time when Indians mostly relied on Dell laptops for their use of portable devices. With time, other brands like LG, Samsung, Acer, and others have joined the competition, but Dell laptops and monitors are still considered to be of top quality.

The Dell P Series 24 inch screen provides you with full HD 1080p resolution, which brings out the colors in every movie that you view or video game that you play. It is accompanied by an IPS panel that further induces vibrant colors, and gives you the experience of a crystal clear screen. The experience is visually immersive and enjoyable, to say the least.

There are three ports in the monitor – an HDMI port, a VGA port, and a Display port. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9, and the contrast ratio is 1000:1. It has a response time of 5 ms – which is the standard time for most monitors within a 20000 price range. Get home this Dell monitor for an uninterrupted visual experience that is smooth as butter.


5. Lenovo 23.8-inch Edgeless Monitor

Lenovo 23.8-inch Edgeless Monitor

Lenovo has taken over the electronics market with a storm, with its range of products from laptops, smartphones to PC appliances. This 23.8 inch LED monitor is also a part of this brand’s genius. Yet another best monitor under 20000, this Lenovo monitor has an edge to edge display, that allows you to make most of the screen and every inch of it, till the very edge.

It comes with an effective display that is full HD, with a resolution of 1920×1080 p. The Q241-10 is supported by an iron-gray stand that easily blends in with your home decor. The monitor is VESA compatible, which means that you can mount it on the wall if required. All the cables and wires are kept in an uncluttered manner with the built-in cable holder.

The viewing angle, both vertically and horizontally, is 178 degrees, and you can enjoy the display from various angles, without worrying about the image quality or any kind of distortion. It boasts of the AMD FreeSync technology, a refresh rate of 75 Hz, and a 4 ms response time. Ports like the HDMI, VGA, and audio ports are readily available on the monitor. The in-built speakers enhance the quality of this monitor and make it an optimal budget buy.


6. HP 24 inch Ultra-Slim Full HD Computer Monitor

HP 24 inch Ultra-Slim Full HD Computer Monitor

HP is known worldwide for its laptops and monitors, and these are especially used widely by the people of India. This HP 24 inch monitor has an ultra-slim and appealing design that gives it a modern look. The monitor has been manufactured using aluminum, and has a matte finish with a high polished resin. The whole style of the monitor makes it the perfect fit for any type of home decor.

You will not even require an external speaker that clutters the desk with numerous cords, as the monitor comes with built-in high-quality speakers. The premium sound quality paired with a full HD display screen makes for an immersive entertainment experience that is nothing less than a movie theatre. Ultra-wide viewing angles are generated by the vivid IPS panel.

The edge-to-edge display ensures that you enjoy the screen in its entirety. The aspect ratio of the monitor is 16:9, and the response time is 5 ms. It boasts of a 10:1 contrast ratio that translates to extremely bright colors on the screen for a beautiful visual experience. The monitor also comes with an LED backlight.

Three ports accompany the HP monitor, and these are the VGA port, HDMI port, and the audio jack to connect headphones. You can bid goodbye to screen flickers, display stutters, frame tears, and input lag with this monitor. All of that becomes ancient history with the expertise of such advanced technology. You can now browse content on the internet and stream videos endlessly on this HP monitor.


7. Acer Nitro IPS 23.8 inch Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro IPS 23.8 inch Gaming Monitor

Gaming is a competitive sport, in which every frame matters; in fact, every second of it plays a crucial role in winning. To ensure that such competitive gameplay is maintained, Acer brings to you its Nitro VG240Y gaming monitor, which has been ranked as one of the best gaming monitors under 20000.

This one is a full HD resolution, 1080p monitor that boasts of a high refresh rate of 144 Hz. If you are a gamer, you will understand the importance of this high refresh rate. With a 1 ms response rate, the game-play is free of any distortion, interruption, flickers, or blurs.

The true mark of a great monitor is one that does not cause any sort of strain on your eyes or back. This monitor has an ergonomic edge, that allows you to tilt it anywhere between -5 degrees to 20 degrees. You can adjust this as per the comfort of your neck. Broken frames and choppy gameplay is eliminated with the AMD Radeon FreeSync, and this results in performance that is fluid.

While gaming, you can enjoy a flicker-less and comfortable experience with the low-dimming and ComfyView display features. There are 2 HDMI ports and 1 display port. You can even mount the monitor on a wall if you wish to.


8. Samsung 24-inch LED Monitor

Samsung 24 inch LED Monitor

Here is another brand that has monopolized the smartphone market for a long time, but along with that, Samsung is also known for its efficient and premium-quality monitors. The Samsung 24 inch LED flat computer monitor comes with an all-expansive view that features a minimalist design for maximum concentration. There is only an ultra-thin border on the three sides of the monitor, and the clean look makes your home/workplace look aesthetic.

The IPS panel offers you wide-angle views so that you can view the screen from any side and the quality remains the same. The colors on the screen are vivid and full of clarity. The accuracy of every tone and shade is beyond comparison. The AMD Radeon FreeSync syncs the refresh rate of the monitor with the graphics card. This reduces image tearing and makes for an entertainment experience that is superfluid.

Enjoy seamless and smooth visuals while watching your favorite movie, sport, or playing an action-packed video game. You will face no amount of lag or any ghosting effect. The image contrast and the accuracy with which the screen displays every minute detail of a game is praiseworthy. Samsung cares for your eyes with its advanced eye comfort technology, which reduces the strain on your eyes by filtering out blue light.


9. LG UltraGear 24-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

LG UltraGear 24-inch Full HD Gaming Monitor

LG brings to you its exclusive gaming monitor, which has a 24-inch screen and boasts of a range of features, that makes it one of the best monitors under 20000. The LG UltraGear gaming monitor has been built especially for games that require instant decisions in an intensely competitive situation. It has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, that lets you view or capture even the most minute details and movements.

The response time is 1 ms, and that allows you to quickly observe the battlefield and respond instantly to win the game. No more screen tearing and stuttering with the AMD Radeon FreeSync. The video game will run fluidly. This LG monitor has a customized game mode feature that adjusts and changes the gaming conditions in the settings.

With the Dynamic Action Sync, the input lag is minimized, which makes games like RTS and FPS more responsive. The Black Stabilizer offers gamers a night vision view so that you can view the screen perfectly well even when the game is dark. Lastly, the Crosshair feature aids in FPS games, where you can place the striking point in the center of the display.


10. Acer 27-inch VA Panel Full HD Monitor

Acer 27-inch VA Panel Full HD Monitor

The KA270H Acer monitor has been specially built keeping your comfort and health in mind. Sitting in front of a computer for hours can harm your eyes and lead to severe pain in the neck. Acer offers a blue light shield that eliminates the effects of blue light. This is done by adjusting the color tones and intensity of the monitor.

A stable power supply is provided so that there is no flickering of the screen. This can cause a great disturbance in your work. Eye fatigue is further reduced with the Acer low dimming technology that reduces the brightness when the surrounding is dark. Screen glare is reduced by ComfyView technology.

The wide viewing angle allows you to view the screen up to 178 degrees – vertically and horizontally. This ensures that colors are displayed accurately no matter where you view the screen from. Lastly, this monitor boasts of an ultra HD 1080p resolution screen, that provides an overall enthralling experience.



This article aims to give you all the information that you require on the best monitor under 20000, which also includes categories like gaming monitors, home or office use monitors, and so on. You must be aware of your requirements before buying one, as this makes the task way easier.

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