Best Ink Tank Printers In India 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Epson2. Canon3.  HP

Epson EcoTank L3150 Best Ink Tank Printer

Canon Pixma G2012

HP Ink Tank Windows 410


Advancement in print technology has made printing important documents, college assignments, school projects, and even high-pixel photographs quite easy and convenient.

A printer has now become a necessity, both in the office as well as at home. However, what every individual searches for now is a printer that will work efficiently, and at the same time will be more affordable.


Ink tank printers are, thus the need of the hour. These printers ensure easy refilling of ink and have large tanks so that ink lasts for long, which automatically makes the expenditure on printing less. With the best ink tank printer, you no longer have to worry about constantly buying ink refills.

The market today is so widespread and has a plethora of options. This can often make your task of buying an ink tank printer highly confusing and challenging. However, reviews like this one will guide you to make the right decision easily.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Ink Tank Printer

In order to purchase the best ink tank printer in India, you have to take into consideration some important factors. These factors will help you make the task less challenging,g so that you end up purchasing a printer that meets all your needs and requirements.

1. Inkjet Printer Vs Ink Tank Printer

Both inkjet printers and ink tank printers are almost the same in that they both function using the same technology. With the advancement in technology, certain moderations have been made in the inkjet printer so that it is more efficient and pocket-friendly.

In an inkjet printer, the ink cartridges are small and standalone. Due to this, the cartridges run out of ink quickly and need to be replaced frequently. However, the ink reservoirs in ink tank printers can hold more ink at a time, and a tube is used to supply ink to the cartridge.

Therefore, ink tank printers can last for a longer time and the cartridges do not have to be replaced as frequently. This automatically cuts down on the cost of printing as it has a higher capacity. With the ink tank printer, you can now print more frequently without worrying about the expenditure.

2. Image Quality

The quality of your image will depend on what the print is of. If the print is of a photograph, you will need it to be of sharp quality and donned with clarity. However, if the printout is that of a black and white document, the quality will not matter as much.

There are a few factors like the resolution, colour gamut, density and so on that determine the image quality of a printer.

1. Resolution

The resolution of your ink tank printer is crucial in determining the quality of the image that will be printed. If you require to print fine art or photographs, then you must purchase a printer that has a minimum resolution of 1200 dpi.

The resolution differs depending on the size of the page. There are several modes on most ink tank printers nowadays that provide you with a range of resolutions, depending on what it is that you are printing.

2. Colour Gamut

This is basically the variety of colours that are available to you for getting printouts. Often printer brochures have this mentioned and you can choose from there.

3. Density

The quality of the image also depends on the density of the ink. Whether the colours will be deep, rich and vibrant is determined by the density of the ink set. You can compare the densities mentioned in the samples and then make a decision depending on your requirements and budget.

4. Ink Droplet Size

Ink tanks which have a droplet size of around 4-12 pl (picoliters) are sufficient to get an image that has a sharp contrast of colours. It is best if the droplet size is as low as possible for a sharp image.

The thumb rule for ink droplet size is that the droplets should not be visible to you from a distance.

5. Ink Configuration

This factor is interrelated with the colour gamut. The more the ink configuration, the better the colour gamut that is achieved. The ink configuration differs from one printer to another, as some might have 4 colour machines, 6, 8 or 12.

Most ink tank printers which are relatively new models, include orange and green, which allow for the attainment of more colours. Different shades of a solid colour are also available in some printers.

3. Size And Speed

Size of the printer and its speed are yet few more crucial factors that go into choosing the best ink tank printer. Depending on the size of the images that you wish to print, the size of the printer will be determined. If you require large printouts for official purposes, then go for a 24” or 44” printer.

The number of printouts that your printer is capable of carrying out in a day or a week is determined by its speed. The faster the speed, the better the efficiency of the printer. You must check the speed labeled on the printer if you want to print a lot of pages in less time.

The speed is mentioned in terms of how many printouts the ink tank is able to give out in a minute. There are printers that can print upto 30 pages per minute. What you must ideally look for in an ink tank printer is whether it can work at a rapid speed, while maintaining great resolution in the images.

Some printers will require a certain amount of compromise where if you want speed, you might have to sacrifice quality or vice versa. The best way to ensure that you have the ideal printer is to test it before you purchase it.

4. Printing Cost

The running cost of an ink tank printer is a factor that you cannot ignore, as it will have a great effect on your overall expenditure. Since there are a variety of ink tank printers in the market, there are different printing costs as well. Printing options available range from 7 paisa per page to 10 paisa per page.

Printers with a lower printing cost tend to be more pocket friendly. However, this also depends on whether you are printing in colour or black and white. The latter cost less, while the former tend to cost more.

Black and white images, thus are more economical and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

5. Supported Page Size

Different printers are compatible with different sizes of papers. You might require a wide variety of pages for different applications. Some of the page sizes that are available are A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL and so on.

It is always suggested that the more versatile a printer is, the higher number of page sizes it will support. This will make your tasks far more efficient, speedy and cost effective.

6. Ease Of Use

While various features, modes and specifications are important, we cannot negate the fact that it all ultimately boils down to how easily a printer can be used. The user must be comfortable with the device, while confusions and hassles should be minimum.

A device with complex operations and functions can often lead to frustrations, no matter how many features that printer provides. Some important questions that you must, therefore ask before purchasing an ink tank printer are – how easily can media be loaded and unloaded, the level of control the user has over the printer and so on.

7. Supported Functions

A printer no longer just serves the purpose of printing out important documents and so on that you require, but also many other functions. This is especially true for the printers available in the market these days. It is more than just about printing pages.

Printers nowadays also support functions such as scanning, photocopying and many others. In order to scan a document, you have to convert a physical copy of it into a digital one. The printer can also make copies of a single page by functioning as a xerox photocopy machine.

8. Connectivity Options

As mentioned earlier, modern ink tank printers are highly versatile as compared to the old ones. The initial printers only had a USB connection available on them for the purpose of printing pages. Printers these days have far more options than that.

Other than the USB option, printers also have WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. These options allow you to connect the printer to your smartphone in order to directly print documents from the phone. The hassle of transforming it to the laptop/PC is avoided in this way.

Mobile printing is further facilitated with the help of the companion smartphone apps that are available in the printer.

9. Maintenance And Durability Of Ink Tank Printers

Ink tank printers, much like any other printer, need a minimum amount of maintenance for it to function properly and last for a long time. You must keep the printer covered when you are not using it, in order to protect it from dust.

There is a high chance of the ink drying up if the machine is left idle and not used for a long time. Drying of the ink can also be avoided by keeping the printer in a moderate temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. Technicians suggest that it is best for the printer if every 7 days, a colour printout is taken out.

The durability of the printer will depend on all these factors. The brand of the printer also matters in this case. A printer from a well trusted and popular brand is more likely to last for a long time and have the best performance.

10. Warranty

Printers are almost a daily necessity today. It is more so in offices, where printers are required almost all the time to print out important documents. In such cases, even the best ink tank printer will be exposed to damage and tear.

For this reason, you must make sure that the printer you are purchasing comes with a warranty period. If something happens to the printer within this period, then the company is bound to repair or replace it free of cost.

Most printers come with a warranty period of 1 or 2 years. In the case of some other printers, the warranty is measured in terms of the number of pages printed. The printers that come with a longer warranty period, tend to be more durable and long-lasting.

The factors mentioned above will surely be a good guide to help you choose the best ink tank printer. However, to further make your task easier, here is a list of some excellent ink tank printers that have some of the best features and specifications.

Top 15 Best Ink Tank Printers 2021

1. Epson EcoTank L3150

Epson EcoTank L3150 Best Ink Tank Printer

Epson is one of the most popular brands that is well known for its wide range of printers, especially its ink tank printers. The Epson EcoTank L3150 is one such printer that has some very impressive features and has proved to be an efficient printer.

This is a value for money product, as it not only displays great performance but also is highly affordable. This ink tank printer has a high page yield. It can print 4500 black and white images and 7500 colour images without any interruption.

The printer is available in black colour. It has a smart design and is also very compact. You will have a lot of free desk space, as the ink tank is already integrated within the printer and hence, the device takes up very less space. You can keep the printer in any tiny corner of the room and it will fit in perfectly with the home decor.

With this printer you can get a lot of work done in less time due to the great speed. It delivers 33 ppm with the help of the Micro Piezo printhead. You no longer have to worry about meeting deadlines or working on a time crunch, as this printer will take care of your needs in only a limited time.

The printer is compatible with WiFi, be it in your home or in the office. It is able to connect with 4 smartphones simultaneously. Along with WiFi connectivity, it also has other wireless features such as remote print driver, email print driver and iPrint, all of which makes printing of documents a hassle-free exercise.

This ink tank printer has an excellent resolution of 5760 dpi. Now print images without the unnecessary white border that usually comes in other printers. Lastly, this printer consumes very little power of only 12 watts, which saves up a lot of money every month.


2. Canon Pixma G2012

Canon Pixma G2012

While Canon is a well known brand for some of the best cameras in India, it also excels in manufacturing some of the best ink tank printers in the country. The Canon Pixma G2012 is an all-in-one ink tank printer that is available in black colour and is quite affordable.

This Canon printer is loved by customers because it produces a high volume of images at cost-effective prices. Copying and scanning are two other functions that this device successfully fulfills. This is one of the best rated printers in terms of performance.

The ink tank system is integrated into the body of the printer, which makes it highly compact. In addition to this, the tanks are properly visible so that you can see the ink level and refill accordingly.

There is a panel on the printer on which the different specifications are clearly mentioned. This enhances the ease with which you can now print, copy and scan important documents.

The quality of images printed or copied is great. You can be rest assured that the images will be borderless and the text on the page will be sharp and rank high on clarity. The printer can print pages upto the size of A4.

The printer has a high page yield, with 6000 pages in black & white and 7000 pages in colour. The cost of printing, for black & white printout is 8 paisa per page and for colour printout is 22 paisa. With a printing resolution of 4800*1200 and USB, WiFi as well as smartphone app, this ink tank printer will serve you for a long time to come once you purchase it.


3. HP Ink Tank Windows 410

HP Ink Tank Windows 410

HP has been popular for the longest time for their laptops. However, they also make some of the best ink tank printers which are available at an affordable rate. The HP 410 all-in-one wireless ink tank printer comes in black colour and its body has a smooth finish.

This printer ensures that you can print a thousand pages in very less time. When you are running low on ink, you can notice the level and add more ink as needed. The printer is specially designed for yielding a high volume of pages.

In the case of black & white printouts, the printer can yield 5000 pages and for colour printouts, it can yield 8000 pages. The cost for the former is 10 paisa per page, and that of the former is 18 paisa, which is the most pocket friendly colour printout you will come across.

The ink comes in resealable bottles and the ink tank of the printer is so unique that every refill is mess-free, convenient and not a drop of ink is wasted. The ink tanks are transparent, so that you can easily figure out the level of the ink.

The text quality of the printouts is outstanding; it is crisp, sharp and clear. The images are borderless, and the printer guarantees documents, flyers and photos of high quality. This HP printer has many functions,and is an all in one device – be it printing, scanning or copying.

The printing resolution is up to 4800*1200, which ensures that the images are crystal clear. With WiFi, USB and smartphone app connections, the printer is completely wireless, which makes all operations convenient and easy to handle.


4. Epson EcoTank L3110

Epson EcoTank L3110

Here we have a powerful printer from Epson that has been specially designed keeping in mind quality performance and productivity. The Epson EcoTank L3110 ink tank printer comes in an all black colour, is quite affordable and efficient for both home as well as office use.

The printer has an outstanding resolution of 5760 dpi that results in sharp, clear and beautiful images. You can print assignments, projects, flyers, letters and reports without any hassle now, just with the click of a few buttons.

The page yield for black & white pages are 4500 and for colour ones are 7500, which is quite high. The laptop has been engineered keeping in mind a smart design and compact size, so that you can keep it in any corner of the house or office, without occupying much space.

At 33 ppm, the speed of the printer will ensure that all your deadlines are met and you get your work done quickly, especially when there is a hurry. This ink tank printer ensures images are of photo-lab quality, without the unnecessary white border that are usually present in many printouts.

This model consumes less power, which acts as a great source of money saving. The power consumption is only 12 watts, which makes this printer not only pocket-friendly, but also environment-friendly.

The printer allows for printing a variety of page sizes ranging from A4, A5, B5, B6, envelopes and a few others. You no longer have to head out to a cyber cafe to get printouts of different sizes or to scan and copy documents, as this printer comes with features all-in-one devices.


5. HP DeskJet 3835

HP DeskJet 3835

HP ranks number one when it comes to manufacturing innovative products that are highly satisfactory in terms of performance and productivity. The HP DeskJet 3835 printer is one such model that is undoubtedly, the best ink tank printer under 10000. Thus, if you have a limited budget, this printer is the one you should go for.

If you have a WiFi connectivity at home, you can easily connect your smartphone/laptop/PC to it and get printouts within seconds directly from these devices. With the HP smartphone app, you can scan, print and even check the status of the ink on your device.

The printer is easy to set up and convenient to use. Devices working on Windows 8, Android and Google Chrome are compatible with the printer and you can now easily print documents directly from social media.

This device has a 5.5 cm mono touch screen, which is used to control the overall functioning of the printer. Be it a colour print, fax, scan, it is all available in this one printer. It has a 35 page ADF so that your work is taken care of quickly.

The highly compact design of this HP printer allows you to keep it anywhere you please, be it on a desk or a shelf. The printer functions with the bare minimum noise and all you have to do is to press the optional quiet mode, to carry out all your work without disturbance.

A perfect product to be used in your home, the printer can be used anywhere in the without disrupting the activities of your family.


6. HP Ink Tank 310

HP Ink Tank 310

Yet another HP printer that is available at a price less than Rs.10,000, the HP 310 all-in-one printer ranks as the best ink tank printer for home use. This printer comes with a high capacity ink tank system that is capable of printing thousands of pages in no time.

The printer is specially designed for high volume printing, with 5000 pages for black & white and 8000 pages for colour. The yield of the machine is thus, quite good and useful. You can now print both black and colour prints at extremely low costs, that makes this printer pocket-friendly.

You can easily refill the ink tanks without causing any mess in a convenient manner. The process ensures that not a single drop of ink is wasted. If you have run out of ink bottles, you can purchase new HP high-yield ink bottles.

The ink tanks are transparent, so that the level of ink is visible and you can refill it accordingly. The text quality of the documents that you print out are clear and easy to read. With this printer, you can be rest assured that the pages or images printed will be of the best quality.

You can scan, print or photocopy using this machine. The versatile nature of the printer ensures that all your needs and requirements are taken care of. Now you can find all the important features in just one device.

The pages printed are devoid of the white border and are of excellent quality. The machine has been certified by Energy Star and HP’s years of expertise in electronic products has ensured that every customer is satisfied with this printer.


7. Brother DCP-T510W

Brother DCP-T510W

Brother is a relatively new brand when compared to brands like Epson and HP. However, printers by this company have proven to be cost-effective and have a good yield of pages. Available in black colour, the Brother DCP-T510W ink tank printer will provide you with high end performance.

The printer works on an outstanding printing speed of 27 pages per minute for black & white pages and 23 for colour pages. With this high speed, you are sure to meet all your deadlines with no difficulty at all. The print speed is 12 /6 ipm, with which you can now print whatever it is that you require.

With such great speed, you might feel that the printer might not produce good quality images. However, even with high speed, the quality is never compromised. The Brother ink tank printer multiplies your productivity.

There is a control panel and an LCD screen, with the help of which you can easily control all the available features on the printer. Print delays can be avoided by viewing the user friendly error messages and you can easily look up the solution on the screen.

You have access to the transparent ink tank and the ink level is visible from the outside. Now refill the tank easily and with accuracy, without creating a mess. The printer has built-in WiFi, which allows for quick and hassle-free printing, using your smartphone.

The printer is compatible with page sizes A4, A5, A6, B5, Com-10, DL and Monarch pages. Thus, no matter what your application is, this printer can be used for almost everything. The printer comes with a 1 year warranty, within which if something happens to the device, the company is bound to take care of the damage.

The resolution on the machine is 6000*1200 and the connectivity options available are – USB and WiFi. The plus points of this printer is that it has a large ink tank that holds more ink and saves your money. Another is that the printer can be used for multiple functions like scanning and copying as well.


8. Epson L130 Single-Function

Epson L130 Single-Function

The Epson L130 is a highly useful, efficient and affordable ink tank printer. The device is not only great quality wise, but also is reliable and trusted by those who have used it. The low cost printing adds extra value to your prints.

Ranked as the best ink tank printer, this model produces black & white prints at 7 paisa and colour prints at 18 paisa. You can now print out copies of tickets, itineraries, reports, assignments and so on effortlessly.

The page yield of this printer is quite high, with a yield of 4000 pages with black ink and 6500 pages with colour ink. There are Epson ink bottles available which you can use to refill the ink tanks easily. Refilling is also a convenient task now, due to the design of the ink tanks that prevent any kind of mess.

The printer comes with perfectly bundled ink bottles for printing a high volume of pages. A pack of 4 ink bottles of different colours come with the Epson printer. There is a 1 year warranty on the machine, so that any damage that takes place within this period is taken care of by the company.

The Epson L130 has a superb print speed, with 27 prints per minute that makes all your work speedy and done within very less time. The resolution of the printer is 5760 dpi which results in clear, sharp and vibrant printouts.

You can trust that the printer yields very fine ink droplets of 3 picolitres with the help of the Micro Piezo technology. This distributes the colour evenly without losing out on the volume. The printer is able to support a variety of page sizes such as A4 posters, envelopes, photo paper, party invites and many more.


9. Epson L6170 All-in-One

Epson L6170 All-in-One

A high end product that has excellent features but can be expensive for many, the Epson L6170 ink tank printer is available in black colour. The printer has a compact design and can fit anywhere easily, saving up a lot of desk space.

It has a high page yield, with 7500 pages for black prints and 6000 pages for colour prints. The ink tank is of a large size that allows the ink to last for a long time without requiring frequent refills. When needed, you can purchase Epson ink bottles for refilling.

The printer comes with environment-friendly ink bottles that prevent the accumulation of e-waste and ensures that the refills are carried out without any spill. A 30-page automatic document feeder will help you to easily scan and print multiple documents at a rapid speed.

Maximum efficiency is ensured with 33 pages being printed in a minute. With such speed, all your important work will surely be finished within the deadline. The printer allows you to print wirelessly.

A lot of connectivity options are provided for you to choose from, such as WiFi and ethernet. Upto 4 devices can be connected to the printer even if you do not have a router. Some other features that make this printer worth the money are, remote print driver, email print driver, iPrint and so on.


10. Canon Pixma G3000

Canon Pixma G3000

Canon is no longer a brand known only for its excellent DSLRs, but also for the multi-functional and efficient printers that they manufacture. The Canon Pixma G3000 is an all black printer that has many functions, and is an all in one system.

Wireless connectivity is compatible with the printer, so you can easily connect your printer to smartphones with direct WiFi without requiring any kind of wireless router. The ink tank system is integrated in the device, which makes it a compact machine that can be kept anywhere without taking up too much space.

The ink tank is transparent and visible from outside, so that you can keep a watch on the ink level and know just when to refill the system. However, refilling will be rarely required, as the ink tank system is quite large, which allows the ink to last for a long time once filled up.

The printer has a high capacity in terms of the page yield. You can print a high number of pages at a very low cost. This assists you in your efforts to save money and time, since the speed in which the pages are printed is quite high.

You can now use the Pixma cloud link to print documents and images directly from various storage as well as social networking sites. All these features make this printer the best ink tank printer in India.


11. Brother DCP-T310

Brother DCP-T310

The Brother DCP-T310 ink tank refill system printer ranks high on performance and productivity. This model is black in colour and is designed in a way so that it is compact. You no longer have to worry about the space where your printer will fit, as this one fits in neatly wherever you put it.

The printer works at a full speed of 27/10 ppm, so that you can finish a lot of work in less time, never missing the deadline. Be it business materials or school projects, you can create anything effortlessly in no time, and the quality is guaranteed to be the best.

This printer from Brother is able to handle tasks quite efficiently. It comes with a paper tray that can hold 150 pages at a time and you can keep papers of various sizes in this tray, be it A4, A5 and so on.

The cost of printing is something that you cannot overlook, and you must go for a printer that is cost effective. You can print approximately 6500 pages in black and 5000 pages in colour effortlessly, in no time. These machines are long lasting and highly durable, so you do not have to worry about easy damage.

The ink tank systems can be refilled easily when required, preventing any kind of mess. The accuracy of this process is also commendable. With minimum leakage, the Brother ink tank printer is highly user-friendly and you will be comfortable using the machine.


12. Brother DCP-T710W

Brother DCP-T710W

Yet another product from the house of Brother electronics, the DCP-T710 ink tank printer comes with some stellar features and performance that ranks as one of the best ink tank printers in the country. The printer is highly affordable and is user-friendly, as well with all the instructions available on the device itself.

This printer works at a full speed of 12/10 ipm, ensuring that more work is finished in less time. Productivity is enhanced by this printer with the help of the 1 line LCD screen and the control panel. All the features of the device can be accessed, monitored and controlled using these.

If there is any error in the system while printing, it is displayed on the screen, and you can rely on the onscreen guide to help you solve small issues. If it is something serious, you must call for a professional instead of dealing with it on your own.

The ink tanks are quite large, so that the ink which is initially used to fill it up lasts for quite a long time. In case you need to refill the system, you can do so without worrying about ink spills and any kind of mess. The tanks are transparent and can be easily monitored.

You can now print documents, images, brochures and so on, from anywhere that you wish to. This is permitted by the built-in WiFi, that allows direct wireless connection to smartphones and laptops. You can now print directly from various social media sites.

The paper tray in the device can accommodate 150 pages altogether and it is compatible with different page sizes. These features make this printer a versatile machine that is efficient, of high quality and convenient to use.


13. HP 419 Ink Tank Color Printer

HP 419 Ink Tank Color Printer

HP brings to you its ink tank printer that has an extremely high capacity. The printer is available in a colour combination of blue and black. The design is stylish and compact, so that you can keep the printer almost anywhere you please.

The high capacity ink tank allows you to print out thousands of pages in absolutely no time. In black ink, you can get almost 6000 prints and using colour ink, you may get 8000 prints. The cost of every page is also really low, which makes this printer affordable overall.

Like most ink tank printers, what makes this printer also special is the transparent ink tank. You can monitor the ink level from outside and refill them whenever required. The process of refilling is also quite efficient and completely mess-free.

The quality of every HP product, be it a laptop or a printer has always been outstanding. This model is no different, with the ink lasting almost 22 times longer as compared to your usual ink tank printers. The printer results in images, brochures, flyers, assignments, that are all borderless.

This model boasts of having many features, being an all in one compact device. You can now print, scan and photocopy important documents, using just this printer. All the options and functions are provided on the printer and you can easily operate them.

With a wireless connectivity, this printer comes with a built-in direct WiFi that can be used to directly print documents from your smartphone. The image quality is another great feature of this printer. The texts are crystal clear and quite dark, so that it is easy to read and the colour images are sharp and vibrant.

Voice-activated printing is facilitated by this device and you can easily connect it to Alexa or Google Chrome and get all your work done just by giving out vocal commands.


14. Epson L4160 Ink Tank Printer

Epson L4160 Ink Tank Printer

Epson has truly made its name in the electronics market with its premium quality and durable products that have been trusted by customers for quite a few years now. In order to be able to take printouts with utmost comfort, what you need is a compact printer, and that is exactly what the Epson L4160 ink tank printer offers.

This black coloured printer might cost you slightly more than some of the products mentioned till now, but the features and the durability of the device makes up for it. It has a high page yield with 7500 pages, using black ink and 6000 pages, using colour ink.

The printer is accompanied by friendly ink bottles that belong to Epson itself. Generations of e-waste is avoided with the help of these ink bottles, in comparison to ink cartridges. These bottles last for a long time, thus requiring very little refill.

Even when a refill is required, you can easily do it without creating any mess whatsoever. The printer has a printing resolution of 5760 dpi, which results in stunning images and documents that are sharp and clear.

The printer has the capability to produce upto 33 pages in a minute with the help of the Micro Piezo printhead. This ensures that the printer functions with maximum efficiency and high productivity is maintained.

With the Epson L4160, you can now print wirelessly. It has direct WiFi connectivity that ensures that you can directly print important documents using your smartphone.


15. HP Ink Tank 115

HP Ink Tank 115

Truly a budget buy, the HP 115 ink tank printer ranks as one of the best ink tank printers in India. The price of this printer makes it worth purchasing and so does the high quality of its performance. HP products are also known for their durability, which is an added advantage.

One important feature that makes this model different from all the others, is that this one has a single function – to print. Unlike others, you cannot scan and photocopy using this machine. If you are looking for a budget printer solely for the purpose of printing, this one’s for you.

A perfect product for home use, the HP printer has a maximum output capacity of 25 pages per minute, which is a good speed for a product in this range. The cost for a black & white print is 10 paise and for colour print, it is 18 paisa. The printer has been designed for regular usage and you must avoid heavy usage.

The page sizes compatible with it are, A4, B5, A6, DL, envelope and the print resolution is up to 4800*1200. The only connectivity available on this device is the USB, and you can connect the printer to your smartphone using a cord.

This HP model has minimum features, but it promises a high yield and enhanced productivity.


FAQs on Ink Tank Printer

u003cstrongu003e1. Which Brand Of Ink Tank Printers Is The Best?u003c/strongu003e

There are a very few brands that make some of the best ink tank printers for both home and office use. These brands are – HP, Epson, Canon and Brother. The product reviews above mention mainly these four brands, as they are the top rates ones in India.

u003cstrongu003e2. Are Ink Tank Printers Worth It?u003c/strongu003e

Ink tank printers are able to hold a higher volume of ink, which means that you have to refill it less frequently as compared to inkjet printers. This also means that you save up on a lot of money with ink tank printers. Hence, the verdict is that ink tank printers are totally worth it.

u003cstrongu003e3. Is It Cheaper To Buy A New Printer Than Ink?u003c/strongu003e

Ink tends to be extremely costly. A gallon of ink will be more expensive than a budget printer. Hence, it is highly recommended that you invest in a new printer instead of ink.


The plethora of options in the market might confuse you and make your task more challenging. This review is meant to guide you, so that you are successful in purchasing the best ink tank printer for your home or office. Take all the factors mentioned, seriously and you will be able to make a decision quite effortlessly.

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