Best Printers Under ₹5000 2021: Top Reviews

1. HP DeskJet 2331 2. Canon Pixma E477 3. HP DeskJet 2332

HP DeskJet 2331 Best Printer Under 5000

Canon Pixma E477

HP DeskJet 2332


Printers have become an increasingly important device for both home as well as office use. They are not only handy to print out all your important documents, but also save a lot of your time as you no longer have to visit photocopy shops or cyber cafes. With a budget of Rs. 5000, you can find a variety of good-quality printers that will last for a long time without any damage.

The latest printers provide various smart features like Google Assistant and WiFi, that makes your work even more convenient and easy to do. In this article, we will help you choose the best printer under 5000 by compiling some top printers with decent ratings in this price range. Along with this, we will also provide you with a list of the important factors that you must consider before buying a printer under 5K.

Top 10 Best Printers Under ₹5000 In India 2021

1. HP DeskJet 2331

HP DeskJet 2331 Best Printer Under 5000The first product on the list belongs to HP, a brand that is quite well-known across the world and is exceptionally popular in India. When it comes to laptops, monitors, and printers, we tend to rely mostly on this brand. HP brings to you the HP Deskjet 2331 all-in-one inkjet colour printer that promises the best performance, coupled with great build and quality.

What will attract your attention the most about this printer, is its versatility, as it provides multiple functions of printing, scanning, and photocopying, all in one device. This HP Deskjet printer is of high quality, and available at an affordable rate that will fall right into your specified budget of Rs. 5000. You can use the HP app and connect it to the printer via the USB port provided in order to set it up.

There is a user-friendly smart control panel that helps to operate the various functions and options in the most convenient and easy way. This printer provides a yield of 120 pages for black & white, and 100 pages for colour prints. The speed for the black & white print is 7.5 ppm and that of colour prints is 5.5 ppm. HP provides a 1-year warranty on the printer and its ideal usage is in the home rather than in any office. Thus, this is the best printer for home use under 5000.


2. Canon Pixma E477

Canon Pixma E477Canon is a brand name that is globally popular for its cameras, and now printers as well. The Canon Pixma E477 printer has a sleek and compact design that makes it convenient to be kept in any corner of the house, without occupying a large space. It has a great build and has been engineered to last for many years – provided it is maintained properly by you. This all-in-one printer is useful for not just printing important documents and images, but also scanning and photocopying these things.

Its black & white page yield is 400 pages, speed is 8.0 ppm, and cost per page Rs. 1.5. Similarly, the colour page yield is 180 pages, speed is 4.0 ppm, and the cost per page stands at Rs. 4. This printer supports a variety of page sizes ranging from A4, A5, B5, Legal, Letter, and many more. The printer is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 as well as a few versions of Mac. With the SELPHY application on your smartphone, you can control the different functions of the Canon printer easily.

The device is facilitated by a special feature called the Auto Power ON, that can detect a print command to immediately switch on the printer using the USB connection, and then it automatically switches the printer off after a certain period of time has passed. The PIXMA Cloud Link allows for smart operations such as printing through various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc. The Canon PIXMA E477 printer truly makes the printing experience easy and user-friendly with its wireless connectivities.


3. HP DeskJet 2332

HP DeskJet 2332HP has been providing tough competition to brands like Canon when it comes to manufacturing the best printer under 5000. The HP Deskjet 2332 colour printer is yet another one from this brand that has some impressive features and performance, along with the price at which it is available currently. This white printer will take up very little space in your home, and yet provide you with unparalleled services that will make your work easier and faster.

This is a multi-purpose inkjet printer that can print, scan, and photocopy your necessary documents. With this machine at home, you no longer have to worry about making quick trips to the photocopy place or cyber cafes, and spend high amounts of money on getting printouts. The page yield and cost per page for black & white prints in this machine are 120 pages, and Rs. 6 respectively. Similarly, for colour prints, it is 100 pages and Rs. 8.

The page sizes that this HP printer supports are A4, B5, A6, Legal, DL envelope, and a few others. The picture quality that the printer produces is quite amazing, with a resolution of 1200*1200. The images are clear, rich in colour, and without any distortion. HP offers a 1-year warranty on this model as well, and they have excellent after-sales service. Hence, if anything goes wrong with the printer, you can rely on HP to make things right for you.

Bring home the HP Deskjet 2332 printer today to enjoy affordable, high-quality, and fast print outs on a daily basis.


4. HP DeskJet 2723

HP DeskJet 2723HP has taken the market by a storm, with a constant flow of some of the most efficient printers that the market has ever witnessed. The brand has a select few great printers for all kinds of budgets. The HP Deskjet 2723 printer is another one of HP’s exceptional products that make life simpler for people using it. This model is available in white and blue, and has a sophisticated design with a touch of simplicity to it.

Considered to be one of the best printers for home use under 5000, this printer fulfills multiple functions such as printing, photocopying, as well as scanning all your documents for work or school. This printer is easy to set up with the help of the HP app, that you can use from your smartphone to complete the process within minutes. It provides you with seamless connectivity features such as dual-band WiFi with a self-reset option – which makes for more reliable connections and a better range.

The HP Deskjet 2723 printer has been designed keeping in mind your comfort and ease of operations. Hence, you can control it with voice commands using Alexa or Google Home. Not only does this printer rank high when it comes to performance, but also saves your money by providing you with some of the lowest prices in cartridges. Now you can print from any place with the help of the app on your smartphone. Once again, HP offers a 1-year warranty on the printer, and you can avail of their services free of cost within this warranty period.


5. HP DeskJet 2131

HP DeskJet 2131The HP Deskjet 2131 printer has a fresh and friendly appeal to it, with a design that is sleek and slender, so that the device does not occupy too much space. You can trust HP to provide you with the most versatile products that last for a lifetime. This model can print, scan, and photocopy your essential documents and more. All of this is done at a very low cost, and very quickly.

The compact design of the printer allows you to place it anywhere; on a shelf, your desk, on top of a cabinet, and so on. With the original HP ink cartridges, you can print a lot of pages at a very low cost – and this shows both the efficiency of the printer as well as its pocket-friendly nature. Even though the cost is less, there is no compromise on the quality of the images. They are crisp, richly detailed, and full of vibrant colours.

The printer has been Energy Star certified – which means that it consumes lesser energy compared to other printers and hence, has a better impact on the environment, as well as on your pockets. It comes with a 60-sheet input tray that ensures you do not have to refill the pages frequently. Adding papers on a monthly basis is just enough. The maximum print resolution of this printer is 4800*1200 dpi.

What is most appealing about the printer is its user-friendly nature, and this is taken care of by the easy to operate controls. Anybody can easily control the various features of the printer with ease and comfort.


6. Canon Pixma TS207

Canon Pixma TS207The type of printer you choose will depend mostly on your requirements and necessity. You might need it only for printing important documents and nothing else. The Canon Pixma TS207 inkjet printer serves only one purpose – unlike most of the printers mentioned on this list. It can be used only for printing, and not scanning or photocopying. The model is available in black, and has a smart design that is bound to catch your eye.

The build of this Canon printer is quite sturdy, and it comes with a scratch resistant surface. A speciality of this printer is that it supports borderless photo printing. The quality of the paper and the ink is so great, that your images and texts will come out crisp, clear, and vibrant; almost looking professional. As far as connectivity goes, USB features are enabled if you require it.

What makes this truly the best printer under 5000 is the fact that you get premium quality printouts at the most affordable rates. With this Canon printer at home, you no longer have to face the high charges of cyber cafes. The device is compatible with various versions of Windows and Mac. The ideal usage of pages per month is less than 50. The one drawback of this otherwise efficient printer, is that there is no LCD display on it and hence, it becomes difficult to manage the different features.


7. Canon MG2570S

Canon MG2570SIf you are specifically looking for a multi-function printer, then you should definitely check out the Canon MG2570S inkjet colour printer. Given the price at which you get to purchase this model, it is surprising the kind of efficiency and performance this printer is ready to provide you with. It comes with a built-in scanner, so that you can get the hard copy of a document printed as well. The printer is available in black, and the overall design is quite impressive.

A USB connectivity is provided on the printer so that you can connect it to your laptop and print out whatever you require. The response to print command is also very rapid and quick, with no delay at all. The device is compact and lightweight, so that you can place it anywhere you please and carry it from one spot to another if required. On detecting a print command, the printer automatically switches on with the help of the USB connection, and it shuts down on its own after a while.

The ink cartridges provided by the company are of high quality, but they are available at affordable prices. You can even get colour prints with this printer and since the resolution is so high, it ensures crystal clear images with zero distortion. The printer is capable of supporting a variety of paper sizes, so that you have your document ready for any occasion. An LCD display is provided in order to control the different features of the printer with absolute ease.


8. HP DeskJet 1112

HP DeskJet 1112HP and Canon have completely taken over the market for printers and printing devices, with their premium performance and efficiency. This list proves that these two have no other major competitors in the field. The HP Deskjet 1112 printer is a single-function printer, which entails that it can only serve the purpose of printing and not scanning or photocopying documents.

This model has been designed to fit not only tight places with its compact build, but also tight budgets. It can be easily set up within minutes, and you will not even require any professional help for this purpose. The printer is good for conserving energy – and this has been certified by the Energy Star certificate. It consumes very less energy; something exceptionally important to prevent harming the environment and also saving your own money.

The HP printer is versatile and very easy to use, so that any individual who is not well versed with technology can also easily operate the printer on their own. It results in laser-quality texts, lab-quality images, and is completely reliable. The response speed is also commendable, and there is hardly any lag in the machine. Lastly, it is important to mention that HP provides a 1-year warranty on the printer, like it does on most of its products.


9. Ricoh SP 111

Ricoh SP 111Ricoh is the only other company that we have on this list, and it is a break from the constant HP/Canon products that we have been reviewing. This one is the only monochrome laser printer on the list as well, since all the others have been colour inkjet printers. The Ricoh SP 111 printer is a laser printer – which means that the resolution is much better than inkjet printers.

This is the only type of printer that can produce a well-detailed document written in small text without any blur or distortions. If we talk about design, this printer looks like any other standard printer that we have been talking about. It is with the high-quality performance that the printer is able to beat all other printers. You can print only black & white printouts with this one – so that might be a drawback for some buyers. This printer is considered to be one of the best printers under 5000 because of its noiseless functioning.

The print cost per page is very low in this printer, and it also requires less maintenance. Another drawback of the Ricoh printer is that it does not have any scanning or photocopying functions – unlike the other printers in the list. However, the price of the printer is set in accordance with the features it has to offer, and it is quite reasonable.


10. HP DeskJet 2135

HP DeskJet 2135We will end this section of the article with yet another printer from HP. This one is an all-in-one advantage color printer – which means that with the HP Deskjet 2135 printer you can print, scan, and photocopy your work. It operates on the mechanism of the liquid ink cartridges model. This printer is ideal for occasional usage, and within your home.

However, people who have used the printer have often complained that the printer tends to get jammed if you do not use it for a few days. The black cartridge offers a total of 480 printouts and 150 printouts for the color cartridge. Even the cost of the pages are comparatively less – which makes this printer the most pocket-friendly one on the list. You have to bring it home to realise its true potential.


Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Printer Under 5000

In this section, we have listed down some of the most crucial factors that must be considered before buying the best printers under 5000. Complete knowledge of these basic factors will help you weigh your options more carefully, and settle for a printer that not only fits into your budget, but also suits all your requirements.

1. Type Of Printer

The first and most crucial point to consider while buying a printer, is the type of printer that you require that will meet all your needs. There are a few categories of printers that people tend to always choose from. These are – laser printer, ink tank printer, and inkjet printer. All three types differ from each other in terms of their price and features.

  • Laser printer- Xerox developed the laser printer back in the 1960s, and this is one of the earliest types of printers that you will find in the market. Compared to inkjet printers, these tend to be more cost-effective and efficient. It has a high print speed, a higher paper capacity, and so on.
    However, the problem with the laser printer is that they are not quite considerate of the environment, as they tend to leave a larger footprint and consume a lot of power that results in small carbon emissions.
  • Ink Tank printer- As the name suggests, ink tank printers are those that have tanks inside them to store ink, and that can be refilled when required. This is very useful for people who frequently use printers, as they do not need to fill in ink every time they use it. While inkjet printers get the ink from standalone cartridges, ink tank printers get it from ink reservoirs that have a larger storage capacity. These printers can be utilized for printing colorful images rather than text-based documents.
  • Inkjet printer- The basic mechanism of an inkjet printer is that there is a nozzle, or a jet inside the printer that sprays ink on the paper to result in a proper printout of an image or document. The ink that comes out of the jet is in a vapor form. These printers are able to produce photo-realistic images, and have a small footprint.

It is costlier than laser printers in terms of the cost per page and the print speed is also slower. Lastly, another drawback of the inkjet printer is that it is prone to clogging.

2. Brand Reliability

When it comes to electronic devices, the brand plays a crucial role. While buying the best printer under 5000, you should always rely on a known and popular brand. These brands tend to be trustworthy, and they also offer better warranty deals as compared to various unknown brands. After-sales service is something you might require in the long run, and it is best to buy from a reliable brand for this purpose.

3. List Of Features

There was a time when printers had only one feature and use – which was printing documents or images. However, with technological advancements, most printers can today not only print, but also scan and photocopy. This all-in-one nature of printers makes them very useful for homes and offices. There are other features as well, such as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, that you must check for before buying a printer.

4. Print Speed

Our busy schedules do not give us much time to waste on machines that are slow and hence, the speed at which a printer does the work plays a very important role. It is signified by the number of pages the printer can print in a minute. Laser printers print faster than other types of printers. You must keep these factors in mind before buying a printer.

5. Printing Cost

After you look into the printing speed of a printer, it is important to also consider the printing cost, and whether it meets your budget. You must choose the printer wisely and ensure that it gives you value for money. You can compare the printing costs of different printers, and then decide on the one that is the most affordable. The only way you can make full use of the printer is by ensuring a low printing cost.

6. Maintenance Cost

Every electronic appliance needs to be serviced regularly and maintained properly to ensure its longevity. This can cost you some extra money, but is absolutely crucial for the well-being of the printer or any other device. The maintenance cost of the printer includes the cost of the cartridge, the service, the ink, and so on.

7. Paper Handling

Stacks of 8.5*11 papers are the most common kinds of papers used for printing purposes. However, there are occasions when special kinds of paper are used for printing such as glossy paper, envelopes, index cards, and so on. The difference in these types of paper lies in their size, weight, and quality. Special feed trays are provided in most printers today to handle such types of papers. You must also make sure that the size of the paper tray is large enough to accommodate all types of papers. The 250-page hooper is a convenient choice, as it requires a refill of paper only once a month.


With the right printer, your life can become more convenient, and it also becomes easy to deal with the heavy load of work on a daily basis. We sincerely hope that this article helps you find a printer that meets all your needs to the fullest so that you end up with the best printer under 5000.

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