Best Smart TVs In India 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Mi TV2. LG3.  Sanyo

Mi TV 32in Android LED TV Best Smart TV

LG 32in Smart LED TV

Sanyo 32in Smart LED TV


Nowadays, a smart TV is something that almost every family owns. It might differ in size, features, and prize, but this device is common in India. What used to be a big, heavy CRT box has transformed into slim and flat TV with better picture quality and many other properties.

Every television brand is constantly upgrading the features of their smart TV. New features are constantly being invented that aims at making your experience of watching television enjoyable and exciting. However, selecting the best smart TV in India can be a challenging task.


The market has so many products to offer, that you might get confused with the sheer number. Thus, reading up comprehensive studies on this will guide you to purchase the best smart TV. Remember to keep certain important factors in mind before making a decision. A brief list of these factors has been provided below.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying The Best Smart TV In India

With smart features that are akin to a computer, a smart TV provides an entertainment experience like never before. A smart TV will also last for a long time if maintained well hence, consider buying one for your home. The list of factors mentioned below should be considered before buying the best smart TV in India, as these will guide you in making a decision.

1. Screen Size And Installation Space

The screen size and installation space are two interrelated factors. The screen size of the smart TV will depend on the place that you have chosen to install it. A bedroom will require a smaller sized television screen, while the living room can easily accommodate a slightly larger screen size.

Smart TVs can be either mounted on the wall or even fixed to a stand and kept on a flat surface. This, too, depends on the installation space available. Another factor that determines the size of the TV is the distance at which you sit from it. Sitting too close to the screen can harm your eyes.

The screen will look better and the color contrasts will be easily visible if you maintain adequate distance.

2. Type Of Display

The type of display is an important factor that you must take into consideration if you want to buy the best smart TV in India. These include – LCD, LED, OLED, and QLED.

1. LCD and LED display- The two most popular kinds of television displays available in the market are – LCD and LED display. The liquid crystal display is available in both these two types of displays.

However, there is one difference that separates the two. which is the light that is emitted from the back of the screen. While Light Emitting Diodes are used in the LED displays, Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp is used in the LCDs. However, LEDs are more easily available.

Both displays provide the viewer with better viewing angles due to their slim and flat structure. They both rank quite high in terms of energy efficiency.

2. OLED display- The full form of OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode. Better picture quality is obtained with the organic material that is used. Even though this display is of far better quality, one drawback is that it is quite expensive.

3. QLED display- The QLED display is a newer version of smart TV displays. Colored lights are generated using quantum dots and this is the specialty of the display. The brightness of the display is improved a great deal by the quantum dots. These tend to be more expensive as well, as compared to the LED and LCDs. Hence, if you are looking for a budget-friendly television, the QLED display television might not be such a great idea.

3. Display Panel

The display panel is as important a factor as the type of panel. There are mainly two types of display panels – IPS display panel and VA display panel.

1. IPS display panel- IPS panels are also known as in-plane switching type panels. LED television sets are most commonly known for these display panels and they fit in well in a wide living room.

2. VA display panel- VA display panels come with LED TV sets and they usually have excellent picture quality. The panel is vertically aligned in nature.

4. Screen Resolution

The screen resolution of a television set is what determines the quality of the picture that viewers will get to see. Resolution is marked by the number of pixels that appear on the screen. The more the number of pixels, the better is the resolution of your television screen.

The picture will be sharper and with refined details, if it has a high resolution. Full HD display with 1920*1080 resolution was considered to be the most common resolution for many years. However, with technological advancement, Ultra HD display with 4K resolution has proved to be better than the other types.

Even 8K resolution television sets are available now, but these are the expensive, high-budget sets. However, for the ultimate experience of watching television with sharp picture quality and fine detailing, smart TV with ultra HD resolution is the ideal choice.

5. HDR

The best smart TV in India must be HDR compatible. HDR or High Dynamic Range is a very important feature of the television. Visuals are more accurate and exceptionally detailed when the HDR is high on a television. For a life-like viewing experience, purchase a smart TV that is HDR compatible.

Not only does it provide excellent contrast in the picture, but also a larger color gamut. There is a variety of HDR available and differs from one product to another. Make sure you check the HDR compatibility before buying a smart TV.

6. Operating System

The operating system plays a crucial role in that, you base the difference between a normal LED TV and a smart TV on it. Fast service will be provided only by a system that has the best operating system.

A few of the leading operating systems are – WebOS, Tizen OS, Roku TV, Android TV, My Home Screen, Fire TV, and others.

7. Refresh Rate

As the name suggests, the refresh rate is the rate at which the image is refreshed in a second by the television. Better viewing experience is ensured by a high refresh rate, since the motion blur is considerably less in this case. 120 Hz refresh rate is standard for most products.

However, the term used by brands might not always be refresh rate. Some say TRU Motion or Motion Rate. The best part about a high refresh rate is that it enhances your gaming experience.

8. Contrast Ratio

The best smart TV in India must have the best visuals, and this is ensured by the contrast ratio of the TV. The different levels of brightness that the TV can display is the contrast ratio. The higher the contrast ratio, the better the display and the details on it.

You must have observed that sometimes when there is a dark scene going on and your room is dark, the display cannot be viewed properly. This is because the contrast ratio is low. So to ensure better picture quality even when there is a dark scene in a dark room, choose a television with a higher contrast ratio.

9. Picture Engine

What is the picture engine? It is the part of the television that processes the image. The pixel count is enhanced with the help of a picture engine, so that the images are crystal clear and crisp. The different types of Picture Engines are:

1. Triple XD Engine- Smart televisions with this picture engine have excellent picture quality with sharp contrasts and enhanced colors. An added advantage of this system is that it is enabled with MPEG noise reduction algorithms. This is available in LG smart TVs.

2. X Reality Pro Engine- Picture clarity is the best part of this engine. Each pixel is enhanced and scaled up, making the images finely detailed and vibrant. This is available in Sony smart TVs.

3. HyperReal Engine- This picture engine ensures high efficiency with images that are crisp, detailed, textured, and vibrant. This is available in Samsung smart TVs.

4. 4K Fine Remaster Engine- Only 4K television sets have this picture engine installed in them. It makes even the 4K display look better with the help of this engine. This is commonly available in Panasonic smart TVs.

10. Connectivity Ports

The number of HDMI connectivity ports available in a TV greatly determines which will be ranked as the best smart TV in India. Be it a gaming console, a soundbar, or just a pen drive, without these ports, you will not be able to connect all these devices to the smart TV.

11. Miscellaneous Factors

There are a few other miscellaneous, but equally important factors that you must take into consideration. These are:

1. RAM, Storage, and Processor- Your smart TV will work faster and more efficiently with a higher RAM and processor. With a better storage capacity, you can download movies or other files of bigger sizes easily.

2. Remote and Navigation- Make sure that the remote that comes with the TV is convenient to use and navigate.

3. Audio Quality- The best entertainment is offered by a television set that comes with high-quality audio. It must be sharp, clear, and powerful.

To help you further, a list of the best smart TVs in India has been provided in this section. This will give you a peek into the variety of products available and that you can choose from as per your needs.

Top 15 Best Smart TVs In India 2021

1. Mi TV 32in Android LED TV

Mi TV 32in Android LED TV Best Smart TV

Mi ranks as the number 1 smart TV brand in India with all the excellent features that it provides and the premium quality television sets that it produces. The Mi TV 4A PRO is a 32 inch smart TV that is available in black. The resolution on the TV is HD Ready (1366*768).

With this high resolution, you can now enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and other videos to the fullest. The contrast and brightness are perfectly balanced out, so that the display has excellent clarity and provides you with a finely detailed image. This scales up your viewing experience to a large extent.

The device is HDMI compatible and it has 3 of these ports for the set-top box, gaming console, and Blu Ray players. 2 more USB ports are available for you to connect USB devices. The TV has 20 watts sound output, which produces crystal clear, powerful sound.

Installed with smart features like the Patch Wall 3.0, it displays content from all the apps you have subscribed to, on the homepage of the TV. This includes content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, YouTube, and other applications. This smart TV has more than 20 such content partners.

The Mi smart TV is facilitated by the latest Android TV 9.0, that brings the best of Google at your feet. It comes with the LED display panel and Vivid Picture Engine. In terms of performance, this TV ranks quite high with the help of the 64-bit A53 Quad Core processor.

It has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal storage space, which is sufficient to download movies or store other large-sized files on the TV. The 7th generation imaging engine ensures premium picture quality with a vibrant range of colors. If you are looking for a budget buy with all the necessary features, this Mi TV will be an ideal choice.


2. LG 32in Smart LED TV

LG 32in Smart LED TV

LG has been in the smart TV business for the longest time. Its products surely qualify as some of the best smart TVs in India. This particular TV is 32 inches and has a smart, exquisite design that will easily fit in anywhere in the house, be it the living room or bedroom. LG’s smart TV provides its viewers with stunning picture quality, sound, and vibrant images.

It comes with HD Ready resolution, and the refresh rate is 50 hertz. The backlight module for this product is a slim LED that makes the TV look smart and elegant. With 2 HDMI ports that support gaming consoles and Blue-Ray videos, and 1 port for all the USB devices, this makes for great connectivity.

With 10 watts sound output, this TV makes for a great entertainment experience. The speakers enable sound to come from every angle. It is compatible with smart features like Web OS smart TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others.

It has a dynamic color enhancer that results in images that are clear and vibrant. The Quad-Core processor gets rid of unnecessary noise and scales up the contrast for more vivid images. The Home Dashboard helps you to access all the connected devices easily.

You can relieve precious memorable moments, as the LG smart TV allows you to access your cloud photos and videos. It has an IPS panel display and active HDR. The TV also allows for multi-tasking where you can watch and even surf the internet at the same time.

You can mount the TV on the wall or place it on a flat surface, as you wish. A highly affordable television, this product will truly satisfy you.


3. Sanyo 32in Smart LED TV

Sanyo 32in Smart LED TV

The Sanyo Kaizen Series HD Ready Smart Certified Android IPS LED TV is the third best smart TV in India that we have put on the list. It has an HD Ready resolution of 1366*768 and a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz. The Sanyo Kaizen Series has been certified by Google.

It is facilitated by the latest operating system, which is Android Pie 9.0. The official Android PlayStore application for TV is installed in this device through which you have direct access to all the applications of PlayStore. You can also use your personal Google account to make all your work easier.

Streaming content from your device, be it Android, iOS, Windows, or Chromebook, has become easier than ever with the Sanyo smart TV. It has stunning visuals with the In-plane Switching Panel (IPS). This ensures that the visuals have a better angle, good visibility in sunlight and the dark, superior contrast ratio, greater color accuracy, and so on.

The Dolby Digital sound quality ensures superior sound quality. It also has the HDMI Sound Out feature, with the help of which you can connect a home theatre system to the TV. With such a superior audio experience, you will be blown out of your mind every time you watch a movie.

In terms of design, this Sanyo model has been fixed with the Full View Bezel Less screen which provides you with a widescreen screen and visual experience that is extremely immersive. Quad-Core processor allows the TV to multitask at a rapid speed so that your work is taken care of quickly.

Seamless connectivity is ensured with the 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. A specialty of this model is that it has the Bluetooth 5.0 version installed that allows you to wirelessly connect to other devices.


4. Vu 32in LED TV

Vu 32in LED TV

Vu is a brand that is committed to giving you the ultra viewing experience at home, and it does so with the variety of features it offers to the viewers. This particular product is available in two sizes – 32 inches and 43 inches, both in black. With HD Ready resolution (1366*768), the TV has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The best viewing experience is ensured by the pure prism panel, and white balance is maintained so that your eyes are not harmed by the excessively vibrant colors. It also enhances the brightness of the screen in daylight. Brightness is visible on every corner of the screen as it is evenly spread out.

User-friendly in nature, the remote that comes with the TV has OTT hotkeys with licensed apps like Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and Google Play. You can access these apps effortlessly with just the touch of a finger. Android Pie 9.0 is installed in the system, which gives you further access to PlayStore, Google Game, Google Movies, and so on.

The images on this TV are immensely detailed and have intense color contrasts. MPEG block noises are reduced by the MPEG noise reduction. Both these features add to the pleasure of watching a movie on the screen. Dolby Audio takes care of the entire sound system.

It ensures that the sound system is of DTS studio quality and nothing less. Every dialogue in the movie becomes so clear that you might not even require subtitles anymore. If you are a gamer, you will enjoy playing some of your favorite games on the big screen of this TV.

With the Vu TV Cricket mode, 100% visibility of the ball is ensured when you are watching a cricket match. The entire experience is so immersive and life-like. The 64-bit Quad-Core processor speeds up every task that you set for the device. A range of ports ensures seamless connectivity.

The variety of features offered by Vu TV along with its impressive operations makes this the desired choice of television for many.


5. Kodak 32in Smart TV

Kodak 32in Smart TV

While Kodak is popular for its cameras, it is a less known fact that it is a brand that has been manufacturing some of the best smart TVs in India. The seamless interface of this 32 inch TV ensures that you feel as comfortable operating this device as you do operating your smartphone.

All your favorite applications like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar etc.are easily accessible on the Kodak smart TV. Just relax on your couch and enjoy your favorite movies/series on the big screen. You can connect your smartphone to the TV and use it as a remote as well as a keyboard.

The device ensures hassle-free connectivity with a variety of ports available to satisfy all your requirements. The operating system is Android 7.0, which enables you to enjoy all the different features of Google on the TV itself. If you wish to surf the internet or download something from Play Store, do it on the Kodak smart TV.

The sound is of enhanced quality, which is rich and crystal clear. The WiFi connectivity allows you to easily access the internet on your TV without having to switch on your laptop/PC or even phone. 400 nits are the brightness that the screen can provide.

The high definition resolution enhances the sharpness of the images and exposes the fine details. This makes the viewing experience feel real and life-like. This television set is quite adept at multitasking, as it carries out various tasks simultaneously and effortlessly.

The RAM size in this TV is 1 GB and you require 2 AAA batteries for it to run. You can place it anywhere in your home and be rest assured that the exquisite design of the device will only bring out the vibrant decor of that room. With such excellent features, the Kodak smart TV is no less than your modern-day PC.


6. Onida 32in Smart TV

Onida 32in Smart TV

Onida brings to you a smarter TV, the features of which will leave you astounded. All your favorite media content from apps like Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix, Prime, and YouTube is provided to you with the built-in Fire TV experience. The refresh rate of this device is 60 Hz with HD Ready resolution.

Backed by the Lucent Power Engine, this product offers you a superior viewing experience with vibrant color contrasts and premium picture quality. Dolby and DTS TruSurround sound system, coupled with the picture quality gives you a theatre-like experience from the comfort of your home.

The TV has Alexa installed in it, which allows you to instruct Alexa to carry out various tasks. This device is able to mirror content from your phone to the larger screen for better viewing. It offers easy connectivity with the WiFi and LAN in-built in the system.

You do not have to sit directly in front of the television for the best viewing angle. The wide viewing angle feature of this television allows you to view the screen with the same clarity and consistency from every angle. With the help of the Onida smart TV, you can turn other devices in the house into smart devices as well.

With 3 HDMI ports for your gaming console and Blu-ray players and 1 USB port to connect the various USB devices at home, the Onida 32 inches HD Ready Smart IPS LED TV is known for its durability and satisfactory service to all customers. This device is highly recommended as one of the best smart TVs in India.


7. Sony Bravia 40in LED TV

Sony Bravia 40in LED TV

Sony has consistently manufactured some of the best televisions for a long time. Now in the age of rapidly advancing technology, it has begun to make premium quality and highly efficient smart TVs with excellent features. The Sony Bravia smart TV is available in 40 inches and is all black.

This is a full HD TV that highlights every detail and texture of the images shown on the screen. Unnecessary noise is reduced for maximum impact and enjoyable viewing experience. The Clear Resolution Enhancer further enhances the quality of the picture, balancing out the brightness so that it does not harm your eyes.

The Smart Plug and Play feature enables you to connect your phone or USB drive to the TV and watch videos, listen to music, etc. on the big screen. With the X-Protection Pro, your TV is safe from dust, humidity, lightning, and surge. This feature protects the television from short circuits, due to voltage fluctuation or any other reason.

A special feature of this device is that it allows you to navigate through the channels by opting for the language you are comfortable in. Multiple options are available for you to choose from. The television also enables you to listen to your favorite radio shows, allowing the storage of almost 30 FM stations.

The Sony Bravia smart TV is accompanied by the Amazon Fire TV Stick that helps you to stream your favorite movies/series by just plugging in the Fire Stick. Furthermore, it comes with 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port, and these have proven to be extremely helpful, turning the TV into something like the modern PC.


8. TCL 43in Smart TV

TCL 43in Smart TV

The 4K Android TV, TCL Smart LED TV 43P8 brings with it a new technology – the AI Picture Engine. Using an AI algorithm, this Picture Engine recognizes the contents of different scenes and accordingly adjusts the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the picture. This brings out every detail in the picture very vividly, which enhances the viewing experience.

The HDR 10 feature highlights the details in every image and balances the light and dark shades to improve the picture quality. The contrast and saturation are ensured by micro-dimming features.

Installed with the latest version of Android TV, Android Pie 9 gives you access to a world of entertainment, starting from apps like Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, and others. With a refresh rate of 50 Hz, the TCL smart TV not only ensures great picture quality, but also sound that gives you a theatre-like experience.

You can connect your game console, Blu-ray player or set-top box to the HDMI ports available. If you wish to transfer videos and photographs from your phone or USB drive, you can easily do so by just plugging into the USB ports.

The TV has an A Grade Panel display and is enabled by the latest Bluetooth version, which makes transferring files from your phone or laptop to the television, easier. All these features rank TCL TV as the best smart TV in India.


9. OnePlus 55in Android QLED TV

OnePlus 55in Android QLED TV

OnePlus has become popular in the last few years for the smartphones it has been manufacturing. However, here we have the OnePlus smart TV, which is no less and has been made keeping in mind efficiency and convenience. This particular model belongs to the Q1 Series and it comes with an exquisite design.

The OnePlus smart TV has a 55-inch 4K QLED display that offers you sharp, detailed, crisp, and saturated visuals. For mesmerizing pictures, the TV uses Gamma Color Magic and extraordinary color contrast, along with a balanced brightness is brought by the Dolby Vision technology.

HDR technology ensures that the TV screen has access to a broad spectrum of colors. The 50-watt immersive audio system gives you the feeling that you are watching a movie in the theatre itself. The Dolby Atmos enhances the details of the sound and makes it clear.

Powered by the latest version of Android TV, this device gives you access to various apps for your entertainment. The best part about this TV is that it comes with the maximum number of HDMI and USB ports, so that you can easily connect multiple devices to it.

The smart TV has built-in WiFi, Google Assistant, Oxygen OS with Android Pie 9, and comes with a one-click Amazon Prime Video Remote. It has 3 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage space. One drawback of this product is that it does not come with a tabletop stand and hence, you have to mount it on the wall.

However, the rest of the mind-blowing features of this smart TV easily overshadows this one drawback.


10. Panasonic 40in Smart TV

Panasonic 40in Smart TV

The Panasonic Android Full HD Smart LED TV has a bezel-less all-black design. This means that the screen is extended until every corner of the TV set, so that you can enjoy the full picture without any obstructions. With great picture and sound quality, the Panasonic TV offers you a viewing experience that is only possible in a movie hall.

Being the best smart TV in India, this model operates with the Android Operating System that allows you to experience entertainment like never before. The interface is highly convenient for anyone to use. It has been designed keeping in mind maximum user-friendliness.

The TV comes with a built-in Google Assistant that will obey your instructions and carry them out effortlessly. All you have to do is press the mic button on the remote and say something. Content on your phone or laptop can be viewed on the bigger television screen with Chromecast built-in.

The Vivid Digital Pro feature ensures that the images are delivered to you in their raw form, without any kind of editing or infusion of different colors. This maintains the enhanced vividness of the pictures, and every detail becomes noticeable.

The brightness is easily adjusted to suit your eyes and make the pictures crisper with the Adaptive Backlight Dimming feature. You can connect the TV to a wireless audio speaker with the help of the Bluetooth Audio Link. The V-Audio feature maintains the depths of the sound.


11. Samsung 43in Smart TV

Samsung 43in Smart TV

Samsung is one of the oldest, yet the best brands for electronic devices like smartphones, refrigerators, and now smart TVs. The Samsung 43 inches Full HD LED Smart TV UA43N5300AR is a product that combines the best of a PC with that of a television.

The TV can easily mirror your laptop or PC to carry out every task that these smaller devices can and added to it is the convenience of working on a bigger screen. This makes work convenient and fun.

Your TV can even turn into a full-fledged music system when you want it to. Now play blaring music on the television, and you will notice that the beats are accompanied by 3 tones of colors. Not only does this music system sound better, but it also looks better.

Using the in-built WiFi or Bluetooth, you can transfer all your data from the smartphone to the TV and it will be saved to the home cloud. This ensures complete safety of your files and this way, your phone will have more space for other stuff.

The live cast feature is unique to the Samsung smart TV. Using this feature, you can stream live videos and share it with the rest of the world anytime you like. Single access to all the content and apps is provided by the Smart Hub, where you can have Hotstar, Netflix, Prime, and everything else under one umbrella.

The 40 watt sound system offers an immersive sound experience that is dynamic and full of clarity. Get the feel of a movie hall, sitting on the couch of your living room. Image distortion is avoided with the Ultra Clean View feature, so that your images are as clean as it gets.

The list of features available on this smart TV is quite long. However, if you are looking for a device that serves multiple purposes of being a PC, a sound system, and just a TV, this is the ideal one for you.


12. Kevin 32in Smart TV

Kevin 32in Smart TV

Now watch all your favorite movies and TV series on the Kevin HD Ready LED Smart TV K32CV338H. Ranked as one of the best smart TVs in India, this product offers you an exquisite amalgamation of picture and sound quality. This smart TV promises to provide you with the entertainment experience of a lifetime.

The A Grade display panel ensures that the screen has some vibrant colors, and every detail is highlighted to enhance the picture quality. Better clarity and contrast ratio is offered by the 1920*1020 resolution. The wide view angle feature ensures that the screen is extended to every corner and you can view the screen from every angle.

You can play your favorite games on this television and be rest assured that the 32 inch screen will make for an exciting gaming experience. There is a separate cinema mode on this smart TV, which provides audio and video just like that in a theatre.

This entertainment wizard is powered by the latest version of Android TV, that leaves a host of media apps at your disposal. The television can mirror your smartphone so that you can view pictures and videos present on the phone, on a larger screen.

Kevin is an Indian brand that has a 20 Hz sound output and comes with a music equalizer. Other features like built-in WiFi are also present in this smart TV which makes it a favorite for people across the country.


13. Haier 32in Smart TV

Haier 32in Smart TV

The Haier Smart LED TV ranks very high on performance and looks. It is available in a mild shade of gold that gives it an elegant touch. Added to this, is the sleek and slim design that makes the TV look even more aesthetic.

This 32 inches smart TV has a resolution of 1366*768, that makes the images crisp, sharp and the colors vibrant, yet perfectly balanced. An excellent sound range is provided by the 16 watts sound output, providing a sound that is rich and clear.

The TV comes with an aspect ratio of 16:09, which gets rid of all distortion from the video. With an efficient reduction of the motion blur, the device boasts of a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Powered by the 7.0 Android OS, the Haier smart TV aims to provide you with access to a plethora of apps so that you can easily watch your favorite movies.

You can connect the TV to your WiFi to ensure speedy streaming. The Smart Share allows the TV to mirror your smartphone or laptop, which allows you to view everything on a larger screen. Three HDMI ports and two USB ports have been provided so that you can connect various devices to the television.

This product is extremely energy efficient, as it consumes only 48 watts when putting on home mode and 0.5 watts on the standby mode.


14. Micromax 32in Android TV

Micromax 32in Android TV

The smart TVs manufactured by Micromax are less popular, but just as efficient as the smartphones that the brand produces. This particular model has a 32-inch screen and is black. It has an HD resolution of 1366*768, which enhances the picture quality by refining every detail for a better viewing experience.

The Micromax smart TV is certified by Android and brings to you all the apps and features of Android entertainment. You can connect your phone to the TV via Bluetooth and control it with the phone. You can stream movies directly from your smartphone and watch them on the bigger screen with the in-built Chromecast.

The device is installed with a stunning sound system, which is facilitated by Dolby Digital. Every dialogue or song will sound crystal clear with this arrangement. This TV houses 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage space that is sufficient, but quite less as compared to a few other TVs in the same price range.

Superior performance is ensured with the latest MStar Quad Core Processor that increases the working speed of the TV and makes it more efficient. Less energy is consumed with the help of the DLED modules.


15. Philips 55in Smart TV

Philips 55in Smart TV

The last product on the list of best smart TVs in India is the Philips 6100 Series 4K LED Smart TV. This one has a 4K HD resolution of 3840*2160, which is quite high and means that this device surely has the best picture quality among all the others. It has the standard connectivity ports – 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

The sound system is quite stunning and makes for an immersive experience. It has an audio output of 20 watts, which enhances every detail in the music and brings clarity to the sound. A special feature of this smart TV is the Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine.

This technology can take any picture you want and convert it into a beautiful UHD resolution on the big screen. The body of the TV is ultra-slim and sleek. You can fix this either on the wall or use the tabletop stand to place it on a flat surface.

Philips electronic products have always ensured premium quality service to their customers and even with this product, it ensures the same. It provides a 2-year warranty which is marked by the date of its manufacture.



The expansive list of products mentioned above is meant to give you an insight into the range of smart TVs available in India. The few mentioned in this article are some of the best smart TVs in India ranked so as per their performance, efficiency, looks, and so on.

Almost every electronic company is coming out with a new smart TV since the demand is increasing. In such a situation, you might easily get confused about the ideal TV for yourself. However, keep in mind certain important factors and you will be good to go.

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